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Song of the Day: Jenny Berggren - "Here I Am"

By June 2, 2010

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The ladies of yesterday's pop always tend to have a hard time finding their place as the mainstream shifts and changes.  Whether Cher releases an auto-tuned classic, Madonna works with hip-hop producers, or Bananarama showcases a new energetic electronic dance sound, there's always a change that shows that the singers are still attempting to remain current.  Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't.  In Jenny Berggren's case, she continues the dance pop that worked so well with Ace of Base and updates it a bit for today's audience.  "Here I Am" isn't just a new single from Jenny, no, it is a fierce proclamation.  Not only is her voice just as stunning as it always has been, the track has as much appeal as any Ace of Base song with wonderful melodies and a knack for entrancing sounds (like that deep ripple that happens frequently in the track), tying it together with an anthemic chorus that is like a big, juicy apple waiting to be picked and processed into something new.  If enough people start grooving to this, "Here I Am" could give Jenny Berggren's solo side project enough steam to make an impact.

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