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Song of the Day: Haddaway - "You Gave Me Love"

By June 5, 2010

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When one mentions one hit wonders of the 90s, Haddaway often comes to mind. While that isn't quite true, as the Trinidaddy achieved success with followups "Life," "I Miss You" and "Rock My Heart," Haddaway will always be known for the massive international smash "What is Love." While a 2k9 remix by Klaas has been big in the clubs, Haddaway has chosen to rework his classic by keeping the classic hooks and adding a new topline and melody. The results may sound dated to some but then again if Lady Gaga can have a pop hit with an Ace of Base retread, who is to say that this won't work just as well. Haddaway is clearly in on the joke with the video referencing both the headnod of the Roxbury clowns and every other dance music video cliche (one model cloned, relentless autotune, lyrics represented as large floating letters, bright solid color background.) Yeah, its unashamedly eurodancepop, but what else would you expect from a Haddaway record - minimal ambient electro?

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