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Song of the Day: Annagrace - "Celebration"

By June 13, 2010

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Releasing the fourth single from her debut solo album, Ready To Dare, AnnaGrace continues her string of palatable dance pop confections. Beginning her life apres Ian Van Dahl with the single "You Make Me Feel" in 2008, AnnaGrace showed that she could bring down the tempo and groove on a house vibe for a change and top charts doing it. 2009 saw her follow up with "Let The Feelings Go", and then at the beginning of 2010 with "Love Keeps Calling", AnnaGrace rose to the top for the third time. "Celebration" is a bit darker in tone despite the positive lyrics. The track almost sounds like a Digital Dog production, which shows just how much AnnaGrace is embracing dance pop mainstream. It is a good sound for her and allows her voice to really stand out. The video for "Celebration" is fun and funky. Paint splashes, polka dots, arrows, and sparkles dance and swirl and change color around her as she sings in a dizzying yet captivating backdrop. Great single, perhaps the strongest to date from AnnaGrace, and definitely a track that begs for her album to come out soon.

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