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Song of the Day: Aeroplane - "Without Lies"

By January 31, 2011

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Following up the incredibly odd and minimal "Superstar", Aeroplane team up with superb vocalist Sky Ferreira for yet another strange track.  "Without Lies" has excellent lyrics and the delivery by Ferreira is spot-on with the level of dubious honesty in her words.  The song builds on a simple beat accompanies by a calm and unassuming synth and accented by a summery, breezy guitar twang.  Sky lilts her voice on top of that, musing about the lack of lies and how the entertainment industry would crumble.  A little too telling?  Regardless, the combination is enthralling for all of the 2 minutes, but for repeated listens the track lacks "oomph".  Luckily Black Van have remixed the track, turning the song from a simple ditty into a perfect addition to any Tea Dance.  The added beats and the restructuring of the track to provide more of a chorus ("When I eat cake, I prefer the cherry") does the track wonders.  The "oomph" comes out the most in the synths that support your need to shake your hips without overpowering Sky or the added flairs Black Van added.  This one should not be overlooked.

Original - Youtube

Black Van Remix - Youtube
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