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Song of the Day: Miike Snow - "Paddling Out"

By March 23, 2012

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Ever wonder what the video "Devil's Work" by Miike Snow was even really about?  Well after "Paddling Out", you may have a better understanding.  In this video, a house-styled spaceship run by a bunch of important looking children take a regular man (thick, hairy, and blond) and force him into surgery, transforming him into an exaggerated version of a typical male - i.e. his nose is huge but his body is fit and smooth, his hair black.  They control his movements, making him dance, and shove him into a room of other men just like him.  When the spaceship house crashes, the video ends, presumably picking up with the man running in "Devil's Work".  The pairing could mean any sort of thing, the metaphor clearly jibing the hardest at the fact that children are in command of making such decisions and running a major starship house.  The track itself isn't as catchy as anything from Miike Snow's first album but it's engaging, and Wolfgang Gartner liked it enough he had to chug it up with an aggressive electro remix.

Video - Youtube
Wolfgang Gartner Remix - Soundcloud

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