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Paul Grace Bio


Paul Grace and Barry Harris

Paul Grace and Barry Harris

Paul Grace has seen it all. Disco, New Wave, House, Trance, Progressive. He's seen them come and go and then come again. When he started DJing in 1971, there were no 12" singles, no pitch-control turntables and no DJ mixers; just obscure R&B singles on labels nobody had heard of. He was there when the first clubs started opening and a subculture known as "Disco" came into existance. He saw it rise to the heights of popularity and then fall back into the depths of obscurity. Kept alive in underground black & gay clubs, he was there when house made it's first debut on the scene and then went on to dominate the dance world.

In 1989, he formed his own record label, started producing dance singles and eventually became (as part of The Boomtang Boys) Canada's most successful remixer. After producing two #1 singles, a gold album and winning a JUNO award for best dance single, and remixing artists like Bif Naked, Econoline Crush, Ashley MacIsaac, Kim Stockwood, Sky, Amanda Marshall, Corey Hart, Holly Cole, Wild Stawberries, David Usher, Andy Kim, France Joli, V.I.P., Gloria Gaynor, Kim Esty, Kon Kan, Monik Garo, Soul Attorneys, Temperance, Carol Medina, and The Philospher Kings, he turned his talents to scoring for film and television. He also became the music consultant for the hit TV show Queer As Folk.

But, first, last and always, his main passion has been DJing. The intimacy and immediacy of spinning tracks for a crowd of sweating dancers gets his creative juices flowing like nothing else. He's played at Cornelius, Stages, Chaps, The Bellair Cafe, The Copa, The CN Tower, Club XS, Aztec, The Barn and Subterrania (London, UK) among others. He's played every style of music but keeps coming back to house music. He's done almost everything there is to do in the music business but he keeps coming back to the clubs.

The DJ booth is where he was meant to be.

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