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Benny Benassi Interview


Benny Benassi

Benny Benassi

"Push Me/ and Then Just Touch Me/ Til I Can Get My/ Satisfaction" are the words heard in clubs around the world in the smash hit "Satisfaction" by Benny Benassi. Coming from Reggio Emilia in Italy, Benny works with his cousin Alle as part of the Off Limits team organized by Larry Pignagnoli. Influenced by 80s electronica, Benny calls his unique style of dirty electrohouse "hypnotech."

DJ Ron Slomowicz: When did you first start listening to dance music?
Benny Benassi: When I was about fifteen.

RS: Were you an active club kid?
Benny: Yes. I went to discotheques as a young teenager.

RS: Did you start as a DJ or a producer?
Benny: I've been DJing professionally for fifteen years and producing vaguely for ten and seriously for five.

RS: Your bio mentions that you worked with Larry Pignagnoli. Were you part of any of his earlier projects like Whigfield or JK?
Benny: With Larry, I worked on the KMC project before the Benny Benassi, The Biz and the Benassi Bros thing started up. Larry is really the person I have to thank for all of this, together with my studio partner and cousin, Alle.

RS: What does KMC stand for?
Benny: You don't want to know!

RS: What inspired the sound of "Satisfaction"?
Benny: Alle concocted the bass line while listening to traffic from a hotel window on tour playing jazz saxophone. The rest came naturally.

RS: How do you get your bending sound - are you using a lever or portamento ?
Benny: Can't let out all our secrets!

RS: Which came first - the track or the vocals to "Satisfaction"?
Benny: First the bassline and then it just flowed.

RS: Who wrote the lyrics?
Benny: Alle did.

RS: Was the Biz created for the song or were the Biz already a group?
Benny: The Biz already worked in the studio with us as a group and individually.

RS: When you made the song, did you have any idea it would be so big?
Benny: I guess we all sensed it would be big in the clubs. We couldn't imagine it would cross over so heavily.

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