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21 Records That Made Me Happy to Be a DJ


21 Records That Made Me Happy to Be a DJ (in alphabetical order)

1. Amuka featuring Sheila Brody, Appreciate Me
Peter Rauhofer knows how to pick the right record, as is the case with this tribal vocal monster that dominate the NY/NJ clubs all summer. Sheila is incredible live as well, powerfully nailing every note, I just wish she would lift up her cowboy hat as she has such a pretty face.

2. Becky Baeling, Getaway
If there was justice in this world, "Getaway" would have launched Becky into pop superstardom. Unfortunately, Becky was a bit too talented, had too good of a voice, and lacked the Jay-Z rap which would have been necessary for radio crossover. Clubland loves her, yet I hope to see Becky have the career that her incredible debut album hints at.

3. Benny Benassi, Satisfaction
The most unique club record of 2003 which exploded every year. Though the atonal noise might have been touched on by Flat Eric, this groundbreaking record was my most treasured. How else could you make playing with powertools so damn sexy?

4. BT, Somnambulist
Guiness book of world record holder for most vocal edits, BT uses his nanocorrection to imitate the sounds of sleepwalking for his crossover/breakthrough hit. BT on Top 40 radio in Nashville, who woulda thunk?

5. Cooler Kids, All Around the World
An incredible pop record that was pumped up for the clubs by Hex Hector and DJ Monk. The lead track from their debut album was just the first taste of the fun contained within.

6. Dannii Minogue, I Begin To Spin
Another mashup featuring Kylie's younger on top of the Dead or Alive classic. Some may say that it was a response to "Can Get You Out of Blue Monday," but I rather see it as a moment of Dannii's pop brillance bring the underground JCA club record to the masses while keeping its underground integrity.

7. Dario G., Heaven is Closer
I have always been a big fan of Dario G, often thinking that I was the only one who thought the Sash remix of "Voices" is one of the best records ever made. The original of "Heaven" didn't do much for me but Riva's mix made it another huge record. This was an incredible year for Riva with his mix of Leann Rimes' "Suddenly" being another highlight.

8. Dutch featuring Crystal Waters, My Time
Scumfrog assures me that the hook is not a sample but something original that he came up with and filtered to hell. Crystal is in fine voice and adds another incredible record to her clubland dynasty.

9. Ferry Corsten, Rock Your Body Rock
A little bit of techno, electro and rock with the most catchy keyboard sounds of the year, look for this record to explode throughout the world in 2004.

10. Georgie Porgie, I Love, I Love
Feel good vocal anthem from Chicago pioneer that I first heard at Winter Music Conference in Miami. Three months later, upon release, I think I played this record at least 2-3 times per night.

11. Ian Van Dahl, Secret Love
Strangely, the fourth single from the album is my favorite song. Whenever I play this on the radio, people call instantly.

12. Junior Senior, Move Your Feet
Big everywhere but the US, that can be used to describe nearly every record on this list, but this infectious B-52s meets Deee-Lite inspired party anthem will work on any crowd.

13. Kosheen, All in My Head
A bit more subtle and a bit more pop for the K-crew who have brought us so many wonderful tracks. This one was easy to miss the first time around, but give it another shot and you won't be disappointed.

14. Kristine W., Fly Again
Scumfrog behind the keyboards on Krisitine's uplifting song gave us one of the year's freshest sounds, fusing rock guitars and punk rock intensity with electro madness.

15. Paul Van Dyk featuring Vega 4, Time of Our Lives
Brooding melodic vocal trance based on an Australian rock song. The inspirational message really hit home this year.

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