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21 Records That Made Me Happy to Be a DJ


16. Perpetuous Dreamer, dust.wav
Some people will say this was 2002, but for me it was 2003. Armin van Buuren under one of his aliases for a bordering-on-the-suicidal trance track. The Hootin Harry mix was more a mash-up which quickly became a pounding anthem for me.

17. Scooter, The Night
Scooter, huh you might say? I have honestly detested nearly every record they have done - even The Logical Song grated on my nerve. Yet something about the reworking of Valerie Dore's song enchante and touched me. The night of Artrageous, I realized that the guy screaming was telling my story.

18. Space Cowboys, Just Put Your Hand in Mine
Just another filtered disco sample record, but in the hands of Artificial Funk with insane buildups and intense loops it should have been called "just put your hands in the air."

19. Sugababes, Stronger
A pop ballad reminiscent of Neneh Cherry's "Manchild" which is one of my all time favorite songs. The Almighty Associates turned in one of their defintive hi-NRG mixes of 2003.

20. Tomcraft, Loneliness
Based on a sample from Andrea Martin's "Share the Love," I watched this track jump from country around Europe. The dark moody track may not be for everyone but it moved me.

21. Venus Hum, Soul Sloshing
Imagine Bjork singing a happy Depeche Mode song for the year 2003. Without a doubt my favorite pop song of the year and one of the best videos as well, "Soulsloshing" was a playlist staple for most of the year. Whether you like the original or the Shanghai Surprise remix, I hoped that this would be the record that would make them star.

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