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Dani Siciliano Interview


Dani Siciliano

Dani Siciliano


Emm: Where are you originally from? I detect a slight accent.
Dani: I grew up in America, in Arizona. My dad was eventually transferred from there, and then I moved up to San Francisco.

Emm: Was your dad in the military?
Dani: Yes, he was a civil servant and he worked for the Department of Defense. So yeah, I live in London now and I have been living there for about four and a half, maybe five years, which is why I probably have a kind of watered-down American accent. I don’t think it’s that watered-down, but people always ask me where I’m from and tell me my accent’s funny. And it’s only going to get worse because I live there now full-time, and I married an English person.

Emm: What prompted the move to London?
Dani: I initially was just wanting to go see it and check it out. I was going to hang out with some friends that I met in San Francisco. And towards the end of that trip, I ended up doing some singing for Matt, and it just culminated in me doing a few, about five or six tracks for an album for him. So then I started going back and forth, and spending more time there and, doing more touring. It just became easier for me to be other there, rather than over here in San Francisco.

Emm: How did you meet Herbert?
Dani: He came over to San Francisco in 1995. I was working as a nanny at the time, and he was staying with the family for whom I was working. I hadn’t heard any of his music then. I think he’d maybe put out one single. He was just visiting San Francsico; it had nothing to do with music.

Emm: How random, but.very very good. You all have had a great partnership. You Djed while you were in San Francisco, right?
Dani: Yes.

Emm: What kind of music did you play?
Dani: A mixed bag of things really. I mean I really enjoyed house and electronic artsy stuff, but when I first started playing I was, you know, young and broke all the time. So I would get most of my music from thrift stores for next to nothing. The thrift stores there were a real lifesaver, mainly because of the gay community in San Francisco. I was able to find the most amazing old disco or funk or soul or odd 12 inches, in the stores for nothing. But people caught on to it, and the prices started going up, and the pickings were slim and getting slimmer. But that educated me. That was like a really fun way of educating myself about the older, you know, more obscure disco and electronic stuff going on in the late70s and 80s.

Emm: So do you still play out?
Dani: I’ve kind of been getting back into it. I was on tour with the Matthew Herbert Big Band recently. It was a nine-day tour in Japan where I was singing with the band and DJing. So I’m kind of getting back into it. I love Djing. I love the culture and everything that it’s given me. But, at the moment, I’m really into performing the music, you know. That’s really what I’ve been focused on quite heavily for the last four years.

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