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Interview with Becky Baeling


Becky Baeling

Becky Baeling

Universal Records
DJ Ron Slomowicz: The first thing I have to ask you... did you came up with the title Becstasy?
Becky Baeling: I think God came up with the title, but alas, the conduit that he used was none other than TONY MORAN--- who called me Becstasy one day in the studio... and that is because all of my emotions, good and bad, are constantly popping out of my body!! Exuberance for life that I express through lots of touching and talking and singing!!

RS: What was it like working with Tony Moran?
BB: Like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz.... he has actually named the next album, BEHAB: recoving from BECSTASY, I suppose for all I put him through!! No, really though, it was a dream come true--- he balanced out all of my theatrics with great intensity and grooves. He is my surrogate brother forever!!

RS: Your sense of style and theatricality is definitely evident in your incredible live performances- do you have a musical theatre background?
BB: Was it the boas and the pumps that gave my performance background away? Yes, I am a musical theatre baby- one too many productions of ANNIE before the age of 12. And then Musical Theatre training at the University of Michigan, and of course acting training in London at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts... and of course my endless hours of clubland experience coupled with my disco records to create what now comes out on stage. And also, thank you for the compliment!!

RS: Let's go back to where it started, how were you "discovered"?
BB: Well, someone found me coming out of the womb, thank goodness, and from there I have been constantly rediscovering myself- luckily, because it would be such a bore to be perfect and done, would it not? But in the music industry, I think that the energy of the world saw I was tired of having to be in a box set by producers/ directors in the theatre world; so BAM! a woman named Kathleen Murphy, from Epic Records at the time, remembered me from some random audition months earlier when my fabulous-to-be A&R director asked her for a new solo artist- and that's the readers digest version, for more details-- you will have to buy the autobiography that I write from Positano when I am 80.

RS: You were born in Rochester, Michigan - the same hometown of Madonna - is there something in the water there? Has she had an influence on your life?
BB: There is the suburban, 'I gotta create dammit!' bug in the water there. And of course, she has most definitely influenced me as an artist and creator and business woman.

RS: Someone described you as "the personality of Bette in the body of Britney" - how do you react to that?
BB: Um... OK... but if, Ethel Merman + Sophie Tucker + Mae West = Bette and Paula Abdul + Debbie Gibson = Britney, where am I then?? I'm Just kidding. I will take that quote...

RS: Congratulations on your number one club hit "Getaway." Where were you when you first heard it in a club? What was your reaction?
BB: I was thrilled!!!! and the first time I heard it was in club MAZE in Miami, and my reaction was to DANCE DANCE DANCE and make love and DANCE DANCE DANCE.

RS: Were you part of the process in selecting remixers? Which remix is your favorite?
BB: Yes, I was involved in selecting the remixers along with Lee Chesnut (A&R) and Sergio Gonglaves from Pitch Control. AND A FAVORITE????? I love them all!!! Especially since I know them all on a personal level as well, it would be like picking an apple or an orange- it depends on my mood today... so right now at this moment??? I would put in the E-Smoove/Thicke Dick remix of "Getaway" because I am feeling Sassy!

RS: "Getaway" sounds great on the radio. What was it like the first time you heard it on the radio? Where were you?
BB: I was in the car driving in Miami and I almost hit a cute purple-haired woman, but instead I got out of the car and danced with her!!

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