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Interview with Daft Punk

by Dave "the Wave" Dresden


Reprinted with permission from DMA (Dance Music Authority) Magazine
DMA: What is it that they don't like about the parties? Is it the same as Britain or how some local governments here frown upon raves?
Thomas: I don't know. They pretend it's drugs, but I don't think it's the only thing. There's drugs everywhere, but they probably wouldn't have a problem if the same thing was going on at a rock concert, because that's what they understand. They don't understand this music which is really violent and repetitive, which is house; they consider it dumb and stupid.
DMA: Does Homework have some kind of theme to it? Like you started out with "Daftanddirect" which is a loop of "Da Funk" with the refrain "Da funk back to the punk" and then you end the album with "Da Funk" played backwards...
Thomas: "Daftanddirect" was a live track, the beginning of the old live show.

DMA: But then you have the live radio snippet "Wdpk 83.7", then "Revolution 909," then "Da Funk"...Is this arranged in any particular order, so that the album is saying something?
Thomas and Guy-Manuel: Balance. It is done for balance.
Guy-Manuel: We had many tracks and we had to put them on four sides. It's not like cooking, but there was no intended theme because all the tracks were recorded before we arranged the sequence of the album. The idea was to make the songs better [more listenable] by arranging them the way we did; to make it more even as an album.

DMA: A track like "Phoenix" -- that song to me has almost a gospel-house quality about it. Is that the idea you guys had in mind for that song?
Guy-Manuel and Thomas: Yeah, yeah, exactly.
Thomas: 'zis is an important track, but not anymore important than any of the other tracks. When I was speaking with some people about the promotion of the album, they said they had a problem promoting it because DJs were not focusing on one track, but liking all the tracks. It's true that there's not one track that is more important than the other on the album.

DMA: How come "Musique" did not make it onto the album, even after it was such a huge buzz record?
Thomas: Because it is a b-side to "Da Funk." It was never intended to be on the album, and in fact, "Da Funk" as a single has sold more units than Homework, so more people own it anyways than they would if it had been on the album. It is basically used to make the single a double-feature.

DMA: I read somewhere about how you were staunchly against new remixes for "Da Funk." I just happened to receive a copy of Armand Van Helden's "Ten Minutes of Funk" remix. Was that a record company decision, or a personal one?
Thomas: There is no decision without us giving the final OK. Most of the things we do are self...(Thomas stumbles around looking for a word, finally asking his road manager for help)..self-decided. The idea of the remix is not something we had thought about. This does not mean we are not OK about it.

DMA: Being the first time somebody has remixed your record, are you happy with the turnout?
Thomas: Yeah. We chose the remixer, so it was not like we thought Armand would do a bad job. At first we weren't sure how it would turn out, but in fact it is something we really like. We kind of understand how Virgin US wanted a remix, because of the fact that the record was already released in Europe, and they wanted an exclusive.
DMA: You two have been friends for a good portion of your lives. When did you guys meet?
Thomas: In like the eqivilent of seventh grade.

DMA: What kind of friendship did you have? Was music the central part of your friendship?
Thomas: No, no. We've been friends for something like 10 years now, and we concentrate on music for maybe the last five.

DMA: So, how about all the girls who love you?
Thomas and Guy-Manuel just look at each other and start babbling in French. This concludes our interview.

Homework and "Da Funk"b/w "Musique" are out now on Virgin.

Originally posted by Jennifer Warner, reposted with permission.
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