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Interview with Galleon




Hailing from Marseilles in France, Galleon is the latest arrival on the French house scene. Their music combines the french disco house of Daft Punk and Modjo with the guitar and synth pop feel of the best music of the 80s. Gilles came to the states to perform at Beatstock and told us about the music of Galleon.

DJ Ron Slomowicz: Where did name Galleon come from?
Gilles of Galleon: Galleon came from the South of France, it's the name of a famous French rugby player. Do you know the sport rugby?

DJ Ron: Rugby, yes, it's like football but you don't tackle each other.
Galleon: Yes, and rugby is a very popular sport in France and the name Galleon is the name of the French rugby player Gerome Galleon. Gerome Galleon in French and in English it's called Galleon. I play rugby with Philippe and the second guys of Galleon for ten years, so we decided to take the name of this player.

DJ Ron: Did you two meet through the rugby?
Galleon: Yes, I have played rugby with him for ten years.

DJ Ron: What inspired your sound?
Galleon: The sound of Galleon is very simple, Philippe and myself share the same influence - 80's old school music. So we tried to keep the soul of 80's melody with the sound of house music.

DJ Ron: Other French artists like Thomas Bangalter and Daft Punk, they sort of launched the whole disco-house vibe. What has Galleon done to change it or adapted it?
Galleon: Now, French artists are more credible thanks to this kind of band Daft Punk and Modjo and Stardust. And I think Galleon is more crossover because it's not just dance music - we consider the band like new pop music, and mellow disco.

DJ Ron: You've added acoustic guitars to mellow disco - do you see this as a trend in where dance music is going?
Galleon: Yes, the dance scene today is taking its influence from the funk and disco, and for Galleon it's more into pop and rock. But I like disco too, but I think now people need to have guitars, like rock music, very strong, and I think disco has been, it's the end of the disco. It's dead.

DJ Ron: Is there a particular female DJ who inspired the "So I Begin" video?
Galleon: Not a specific female DJ, I just know Miss Kitty, she is a female DJ well-known in France, but not a specific female DJ for the video. We just want something sensual because "So I Begin" is a very sensual track and we wanted a girl to represent the sound, and I think the female DJ was a good idea for the video, but it was just a coincidence.

DJ Ron: The surprise at the end?
Galleon: Yes.

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