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Interview with Massive Attack

by Dave "the Wave" Dresden


DMA: You guys hail from Bristol, which has slowly through the years become a musical hotbed. Do you feel like you guys were the pioneers of the scene or did you just 'open the doors' to the outside world to look in on what was going on there?
3D: I dont feel that were responsible for that, but we're not gonna deny that what we did opened the window and a few doors in Bristol. We're all different in our own way -- the only thing that really accociates all the different artists in Bristol is the fact that we all take our time when we work on musical projects. We all grew up listening to punk music and funk stuff and those attitudes sort of snuck into our music. That sort of brought people from different circles together and maybe it wasn't as 'cultural melting pot' as it all sounds but because Bristol is quite a small place, it becomes a lot more focused then.

Ooops, looks like 3D's date is in the waiting room...hope he had fun!!
Massive Attack's Mezzanine is out May 12th on Virgin Records America
Written 3/26/98
Originally posted by Jennifer Warner, reposted with permission.

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