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Lara McAllen/Angel City Interview


Lara McAllen of Angel City

Lara McAllen of Angel City

As the voice of Angel City, Lara McAllen has been in the US to promote her Hot 100 hit "Love Me Right." This UK Top 10 piece of delicious eurodance pop samples Ready for the World's "Oh Sheila" and is making its way onto radio stations all over the United States.

DJ Ron Slomowicz: Is this your first time in the United States?
Lara McAllen: Yes, it's the first time that I've been here at all and I'm quite excited. I got here and it was really sunny but now it's snowing.

RS: What have you been doing over there since you got into town?
Lara: We've been doing radio shows and rehearsing with a couple of dancers for tonight. We're performing tonight and for the rest of the week I am here.

RS: That's awesome. How did you get started as a singer?
Lara: I've been a singer/dancer since I was tiny, and then, when I got to about eighteen I thought 'OK, I'm going to start recording.' I started dong some sessions and things like that. Then I toured with Shakira for a bit in the UK as a backing singer/dancer, and then the whole Angel City thing came up and I went 'OK, I'll do that,' so that's how it all started really.

RS: When you were touring with Shakira, what did you learn from her?
Lara: Basically just to work really hard, because she works so hard! I was really shocked because she's just 'work, work, work, and be focused and try your best, really.'

RS: Awesome. I've seen you've sung on other DJ tracks, like on a track with DJ Tonka called "Get Back."
Lara: Oh right, yes, that was a while ago actually. I recorded that at least a year ago and it's just now surfaced and they're releasing it now in Europe. Now I'm sticking with the Angel City thing because that's a lot of hard work at the moment.

RS: And how did you meet up with the Angel City guys?
Lara: Well, Angel City is not really a set of people, it's more the project name. So really, Angel City's only really me and then different producers work on all the different tracks, if you see what I mean. I met the whole thing through Ministry of Sound and they came to our producers and said look, we've got this track, can you do that, so that's how it came about.

RS: What's coming next from Angel City?
Lara: In the UK we're just about to release our second single and we're working really hard on the album. So I'm hoping that the album might come over here because there's some great songs on it, so hopefully you guys will like it.

RS: What's the second single called?
Lara: It's called Touch Me.

RS: Sounds nice.
Lara: Yes- anywhere. So yes, so I'm hoping that will come this year, depending on how the first one goes down.

RS: Well it's going down really well! You're on the radio and got a Hot 100 pop hit!
Lara: Wow, its so exciting and I was quite shocked actually. My management told me I was going to America and I was like 'really?' So yes, it really good.

RS: Because dance records rarely make the hot one hundred over here… and this week you moved ninety-seven to ninety-five on the chart…
Lara: Oh really...

RS: Which is incredible.
Lara: OK, because I don't really know how it works. I've been trying to learn from everybody little bits and pieces because it's so different from the UK. But OK, if you say that's good then I will take your word for it.

RS: To give you some idea about other dance records, DJ Sammy made top 10, Lasgo made the top 40 and only Ian Van Dahl and Roc Project have made the hot 100 in the past couple of years.
Lara: Oh, wow that's exciting.

RS: You're moving up the Hot 100, because it's based on air play and radio stations playing your record more and more..
Lara: OK, so you can move up it.

RS: Oh, definitely. I wanted to ask you about the video for "Love Me Right" because I wanted to know what the story was with all those stuffed little dolls?
Lara: Oh my God, I don't even get that either. Basically it was somebody's idea in England from a poster or a photographer who did this photography with loads of stuffed animals. I don't know what that has to do with our track but they were like 'OK, well we're just going to lie you in a bed of stuffed animals.' It was actually quite stressful because they were so itchy and the lighting was right next to my head and boiling hot. I was just getting hot and itchy and then my eyes were streaming because they were trying to cool me down with a fan. I didn't like those teddy bears, but maybe they're bright I guess, they're colorful but it has no actual proper purpose I don't think.

RS: Did you get to keep one as a souvenir?
Lara: No, I didn't. But they were the most horrible little teddy bears I've ever seen before and some of them didn't have eyes. So, no, I didn't keep any of those.

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