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Pronti & Kalmani Interview


Pronti & Kalmani

Pronti & Kalmani

In the heart of Dutch dance scene are Pronti & Kalmani, the DJs and producers behind Alice Deejay and Vengaboys. Their productions and remixes have conquered the world, creating a unique sound by blending trance and hi-NRG with a pop sensibility. Their latest discovery, Candee Jay, is with them in the studio now ready to do it again.

DJ Ron Slomowicz: You guys go as Pronti & Kalmani - but what are your real names?
Pronti: Pronti´s real name is Sebastiaan Molijn and Kalmani´s real name is Eelke Kalberg.

RS: How did the two of you meet?
Pronti: Kalmani moved to the same street that I lived on and became my next-door neighbor. We became friends that same day. That was sixteen years ago!

RS: Were you DJs first or producers first?
Kalmani: officially we started out as DJs, but we discovered the thrill of making our own music almost at the same time.

RS: How long did it take to make your first record?
Pronti: our first record that we did together back in '97 is called Psychonaut "Distortion Of The Senses," and it took us about three weeks to produce.

RS: What was the response to it?
Kalmani: It was picked up by the big DJs and became an instant club hit. Suddenly people were wondering who these two boys from the north were.

RS: How did you meet DJ Jurgen?
Pronti: Kalmani and me were the resident DJs at a local nightclub. The manager of the club knew Jurgen and took him to our little studio, which was situated in the attic of the club, and introduced him to us. Jurgen was the first DJ to pick up our track and introduced it to the club scene in Amsterdam.

RS: How did you become part of the Vengaboys project?
Pronti: Jurgen had introduced us to the main producers behind the Vengaboys and they invited us to ride along the Vengabus! It was a great adventure, which we will never forget!

RS: What did you learn as producers from Danski & Delmundo?
Pronti: Danski & Delmundo stimulated us in getting the very best out of ourselves and to work hard on every single element of a song. We were a dream team and we wrote music history together. It was one big learning experience for us.

RS: Where did the idea for "Better Off Alone" come from?
Pronti: I came up with the sentence "Do you think you're better off alone" when the love of my life had left me. It's kind of ironic cause I never even told her the song was about her. I never saw her again. It made the emotion of the song as real as it gets. One simple line that said it all. The track was instrumental at first, but I started humming the vocal melody while the track was playing and we decided to add vocals. That turned out to be a wise decision..

RS: How was Alice Deejay created?
Kalmani: Nobody expected "Better Off Alone" to become such a worldwide hit. Jurgen wanted to stay the underground club DJ that he was, so we asked Judy to perform the song. It was then that we decided to call it Alice Deejay.

RS: So Alice Deejay and The Venga Boys are two separate producers?
Pronti: It is a collective of producers that all contributed songs, some for the Vengaboys and some for Alice Deejay. Danski & Delmundo were the executive producers in charge and are the original Vengaboys.

RS: When you were producing "Better Off Alone" did you have any idea that it would be such a huge hit?
Kalmani: We had no idea! The song was special to us, but we never expected it to become such a big hit record in so many countries.

RS: Were you involved with the touring side of Alice Deejay?
Kalmani: No, not really, the record company and the management team took care of that and they did a great job.

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