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Best of Trance - Volume 4

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Best of Trance - Volume 4

Best of Trance - Volume 4

Robbins Entertainment
New York based dance label Robbins Entertainment has released they forth installment in there Best of Trance series. This is a fifteen track unmixed compilation cd of some of the best song at the time. Now it is kind of a stretch to call this the best of trance, but it is a very good compilation of some of the hottest dance songs at the time.

In the super competitive world of dance music, things come and go very quickly and Robbins has been at the forefront since its inception in 1996. Bring dance to the US for nearly a decade, the artists that they have introduced include Lasgo, Ian Van Dahl, DJ Sammy, and K5 to name a few. Robbins is in no way a label that shuns commercial dance music, they thrive on it. Since the first volume of the Best of Trance series the label has concentrated on nothing but dance music. The label has worldwide distribution through BMG, so they are a major player in the US dance music scene.

As previously mentioned this compilation is unmixed, but it is perfect for this type of record. It is completely full of radio edits, which some labels think that it sounds better being mixed, but in reality it is much nicer as an unmixed set. When it is not mixed you don’t try and see it for anything more than a disc of good songs. I know this sounds like some kind of rant, but I have been reviewing cd’s for a while now and I am dissatisfied with the quality of compilations. If you are going to release a disc that has all radio edits, don’t try and make it a mix set. Radio edits were meant to played on the radio not be mixed by DJ’s. Rarely does a radio edit sound good in a mix set, much less if the disc is composed of nothing but. If you can’t get clearance for anything but a radio edit, don’t make a DJ try and mix the album; just play the songs out individually.

Now on to why I wrote this in the first place. This CD is full of awesome songs. The beautiful vocals of Lasgo is a great start to this disc. “Alone” has a driving bassline with a smooth break and a nice build. American favorite BT gives up “Simply Being Loved (Somnambulist)”. This heavily edited track (the vocals were edited 6,178 times) has an awesome filtered bassline that makes me want to get up and start to get down. One of the best songs of the year, by far. The duo of Gabriel & Dresden bring there hit “As The Rush Comes”” under the guise of Motorcycle. These San Francisco natives rock this track with soothing vocals and an enchanting instrumental. These guys are the hottest thing out right now. A Paul Van Dyk favorite “Diving” is introduced by the group 4 Strings. This song has a driving bassline with and some bad instrumental effects. Better with no vocals, they are not too intrusive on this song. Hottie Andain belts out her hit song “Beautiful Things”. This song is getting play by everyone from Pete Tong to your local resident DJ. Her voice is perfect for trance and I would expect to see more from her in the future.

The German superstar Paul Van Dyk teams up with Hemstock & Jennings on “Nothing But You”. This song is already a classic, but it’s not hard to see why. The soothing vocals from Hemstock & Jennings marry so well with the excellent production by PvD. KMC featuring Sandy gets a little more tribal on the track “Get Better”. It has some cool percussion elements and she tells quite a story. Taking out the cd is Kate Ryan with “Desenchantee”. This track has more anthem type sound but the vocals give it more of a pop sound. It ends the compilation with class.

This CD is a well done release and covers a variety of countries and producers. It brings together a bunch of different sounds but they all go well together. Robbins produced another high quality disc with great artists. No wonder they are going places in American dance music.

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