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Dieselboy - The Dungeonmaster's Guide

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By Randy Taylor

Dieselboy - The Dungeonmaster's Guide

Dieselboy - The Dungeonmaster's Guide

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You can ask any electronica enthusiast to name a Drum and Bass artist... and Dieselboy will definitely be one of the first three they list. As a member of the Planet of Drums, just about everyone has heard him play out live, and Drum and Bass listener or not, they pumped their fists and jungle-stepped right along with everyone else. This new CD will be a must-have among everyone in our scene.

We all have experienced the growing rift between the genres of our subculture and the disdain that the different "followers" within them have for the polar opposite genre. But it's interesting that one of the premiere Drum and Bass DJs has bridged that gap, and remixed some of the biggest anthems of the Trance world. This CD has names even the biggest new convert to Techno can recognize as belonging to "the other side." Ever heard Tiesto, Sasha, and BT with a sick snare backbeat and ripping bass line? No? Well hold on! Don’t worry if you’re a one of those purist junglists because Tech Itch, Usual Suspects, and Kemal are represented also.

Dieselboy employs the help of a very special guide... some of you will recognize his voice instantly. Does the name Peter Cullen sound familiar? No? How about Optimus Prime? Heh... yup. He's the Dungeonmaster in this D&D themed CD. With the buildups and breaks in this CD intro'd with "a spell is cast" and other obscure vocals. It keeps your attention and doesn't give you the same monotonous Drum and Bass beat over and over... and over.

My first surprise was seeing the remixed Trance tracks, my second surprise was seeing my longtime friends Evol Intent (Gigantor, Knick, and AJ) as having a remix on this album. And even more so, its one of the touted new Jungle/Trance tracks. These guys are sick, their production skills are hands down top notch. Ya could say they'd rate a Skimpy chicken combo, with long-side fries! HAHA!

Trance head? Junglist? Both? Heads up!

Tracks to check out first thing:
#11. BT- Knowledge of Self (Evol Intent Remix)
#16 Concord Dawn -Take me away (Ill Skillz Remix)

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