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Jason Nevins featuring Holly - I'm in Heaven

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By Joey Rivaldo

Jason Nevins / Holly - (I'm In) Heaven

Jason Nevins featuring Holly - (I'm In) Heaven

Ultra / Free2Air
Jason Nevins isn't the type of producer to pump out material after material unless he has a hit on his hands. So you're happy to know that he follows the same formula that has made him famous. "I'm In Heaven" is probably one of the best songs for dance music to be given serious radio consideration in a long time. The clincher is how he so cleverly samples "Human Nature/Right Now" by Michael Jackson and SWV. This is what makes the track from ordinary to absolute hit. It has a very beautiful summer feel to it as the hot and sizzling Holly James takes over the vocal duties. If you haven't seen the video for this song and you are straight as a grizzly's dick, you are missing out. This is huge in Europe and the States. Expect to hear this at the clubs, radio and mixshows all summer and straight into the fall.

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