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Kelis - Milkshake

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Kelis - Milkshake

Kelis - Milkshake

Kelis is releasing her latest single and it’s one for the books. It’s grabbing radio by storm and gaining more and more airplay on every station that counts.

I’m not sure if I really consider this Hip-Hop or Pop tune. I consider this more of a low beat Dance song. With her collaborations with Timo Maas and P. Diddy on his latest dance track “Lets Get Ill” I think it’s safe to say in my opinion I personally consider Kelis to be an actual Dance Artist.

With this new single currently climbing the Club Chart on Billboard and the Mixshow Jocks on this as well this will be one of the hottest hits to take us through the Winter Season. The Remixes turned in by X-Press 2 and DJ Zinc will blow you away. Both pick up the tempo where the Original left off and kick some serious house beats to set the tone of the party. This is also huge all throughout Europe and has been seen in the mix by DJ’s such as Seb Fontaine and Pete Tong. That alone should tell you the caliber of a hit that this is.

Clearly this is the case of my milkshake is better than yours, so grab yours quick, or we’ll have to charge.

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