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Kylie Minogue - Red Blooded Woman/Slow

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Kylie Minogue - Red Blooded Woman

Kylie Minogue - Red Blooded Woman

Capitol Records
Out of all of the singles Kylie Minogue has released in recent memory, this single has to be one of her best ones that is totally geared towards radio. I’m not talking about the remixes; I’m talking about the Original Mix. The beat is combined with a mixture of pop, hip-hop and a tad of rock flavor. In fact, the Original Mix carries very little dance element in it. So this one should definitely cross over to radio. The sound that this single has is totally in line with the rest of what is being played on radio. I shouldn’t hear any excuses about this one. I strongly feel this should help put Kylie into the Pop culture in the United States if radio adds this. Now as far as remixes go, there isn’t much to choose from. The Whitey Mix on this color picture covered vinyl takes a more rock alternative approach to it. It’s decent if you like that sort of thing but may have a hard time finding it’s way into a dance mix. The best and only real dance remix of this song is the Narcotic Thrust Remix. It’s signature house flavor will be the one you’ll be hearing in the clubs, mixshows and is also the mix of choice for XM Radio on BMP while Sirius Satellite Radio The Beat opts for the Original Mix.

As an added bonus to this single comes the best remix of her previous single. It’s the Chemical Brothers remix of “Slow”. I was never really a big fan of her previous single although it eventually grew on me. But it’s the Chemical Brothers single that really puts this over the top. It’s twisted and wicked in every way possible.

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