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Michael Woods Ft Imogen Bailey Woods - If U Want Me

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Michael Woods feat. Imogen Bailey

Michael Woods feat. Imogen Bailey - If U Want Me

Incentive Records
Incentive artist Michael 'Warrior' Woods partners up with Australian enchantress Imogen Bailey to deliver a soulful club banger that is sure to tear up dance floors from Russia to Rio de Janeiro. On the opening mix, Warrior gives us a radio edit that keeps all the beauty of the original. With its dark, deep synth sounds and loop that provides a warm feeling inside, how could you not love this song. The Lifestylers step in with a much funkier house sound than the original. It has a lighter sound than the original, but that adds to its mystic. The track has much simpler construction than moist songs but It packs a serious punch. The first full length remix comes from Antillas. The harder techno sound of this mix is complete with an awesome build-up, but retains the dark synth leads from the earlier version. These two styles blend very well on the song. They even throw in some breaks elements to get you off your feet and dancing. Rounding out the audio portion of this disc is the Northstarz remix. This mix has more of a pop sound with a happy, bouncy bassline. This mix has high energy with the same great vocals.
When I hear this mix I immediately think of Alice Deejay. Wrapping up the audio section, there is great news. Incentive included a bonus multimedia section. In the bonus section there are various items. Imogen Bailey is featured in a montage of her acting and modeling work set to the music of "If U Want Me." The picture gallery has some really sexy photos of her and Michael, plus photos of her alone. She is quite stunning and is a great choice for this song. Also included it is music video for the song. Imogen once again is the highlight with her mesmerizing looks and lovely voice, this is one that will be watched again. Be sure to check out this release.
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