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Paul Van Dyk - Reflections

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By John Brassil (aka DJ B) Bio

Paul Van Dyk - Reflections

Paul Van Dyk - Reflections

Fresh on the heels of the stellar DVD/CD package "Global" comes the fourth artist album from superstar DJ Paul van Dyk - although it's clear that PVD is maturing into much more than just a club sensation who knows how to get a crowd moving with his pulsing rhythms.

The album starts with classic van Dyk, the rousing song "Crush" which features swirling melodies, syncopated percussion and pounding backbeats that practically propel you from your seat. But the next track, "Time Of Our Lives" is a disctinct departure for van Dyk, and in fact marks his first collaboration with a rock band (the UK's Vega-4.) The second single from the album (the first, "Nothing But You" was a big hit at WMC 2003), the song is an examination of the duality of life - peace/war, love/hate/, science/faith, etc. In it, we see one of the facets of van Dyk that really separates him from his peers: He's not content just to make pretty beats and songs about fashion, night life and fairy tales, choosing instead to use his talents to spark contemplation of matters of substance.

All of which having been said, there's a fat ton of great grooves on this record, so on the next nice day for driving, drop the top, turn the knob and let the rhythm take you. And don't worry about what's behind you - Reflections are for what's ahead.

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