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Saffron Hill & Ben Onono - My Love is Always There

About.com Rating 3.5 Star Rating

By Joey Rivaldo

Saffron Hill - My Love is Always There

Saffron Hill - My Love is Always There

Finally, a track that takes house music back to its roots. A track that takes the elements of what made house music so special and brings it back to the forefront. This is a total house groove that is sure to please everyone who listens or spins this single. The David Guetta Mix is sure to please everyone. Its rough funky style groove is sure to set the dancefloors into frenzy. It is reminiscent of his remix of "The Sound of Violence" by Cassius. But the mix that everyone seems to be raving about is the Tim Deluxe Summertime Remix. This is the mix that takes House Music back to the beginning of time with elements of Disco, Soul, Funk and everything else in between. This has a good vocal with sensible lyrics to it. Expect this to be pushed hard on the mixshows and clubs for a long time. So after bangin this hot track all over Europe over the summer only time will tell if this track has what it takes to match it's success here in America. If you're a full-blown house freak then this is one track you will not want to be caught without.
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