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Tiesto featuring BT - Love Comes Again

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Tiesto featuring BT - Love Comes Again

Tiesto featuring BT - Love Comes Again

Nettwerk Records
Tiesto is one of the finest Trance DJ’s, Remixers and Producers of our time. When I heard this song and found out that he teamed up with BT my jaw nearly dropped to the freakin floor. BT himself has been on a serious roll and to team up with Tiesto is the perfect recipe for success. This single is from his new artist album titled “Just Be” and that’s a small indication of good things to come. As far as Trance music goes with any success at radio, this has as good of a chance as any. It’s very along the lines of Motorcycle’s “As The Rush Comes” and BT’s own “Somnambulist (Simply Being Loved)” obviously. With the CD single that I have it only comes equipped with two mixes. One is the Original Mix and the other by Mark Norman.
Both of these mixes are excellent and will do you justice. One thing I’ve noticed lately is that you don’t really need too many mixes on a single. You can have like different remixes of one song but have the majority of the DJ’s that span the world only playing one or two mixes. That seems to be the trend so they went with it and I think only having two mixes on this single makes this song much more tighter and gives it a greater chance for success. With Tiesto and BT on top of their craft, I don’t see any reason why this new hit won’t head straight to the top.

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