Pictures from the daytime events of the Billboard Dance Music Summit at the lovely Palm Hotel in Las Vegas.

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A special dedication to organizer Michael Paoletta who left Billboard after many years of loyal service.  A champion of the dance community, Michael did an amazing job covering the dance/electronica world for years.


Trans Europe Express

Leftfield Antics

Voices Carry

Gino Lapinto, Frankie Anobile
Kerri Mason, Chris Cox

Jessica Cohen, Lainie Copicotto
Hosh Gureli, Craig Roseberry
Orlando Puerta, Kerri Mason

Evelyn Champagne King, Kelly Llorena
Kristine W, Vanessa Daou
Jody Watley, Samantha James
Jes, Michael Paoletta


Jody Watley, C1,
Evelyn King

Lainie, Gino, Jessica

C2, ScottyBoy, Gino
Agostin Corollo,C3

Cary Vance, Harry Towers

Agostin, Jes

Rachel Panay, Ohsha Kai

Jes, Cato K

Kelly, Vanessa,

Michael Setlock, Andy Lee,
Hosh Gureli

Scott Andersen,
Jason Antoine

Jody & Michael

Jody Watley

Lainie, Gino 

Kerry Mason, Kristine W

Samantha, Michael

Van Roy, Jody, Michael

Boby Shaw, Evelyn

Perry Twins, Ohsha Kai

Erik Thoresen, Kristine W

Georgie Porgie,
Sarah Atereth

Fans of Jimmy Century, C3

Douglas Ruffin, Racquela

C4, Catherine Laporte,
Daryl Owens

Button Pictures

Summit Pictures at The Palms

Pool Parties - XM at Hard Rock, Palms Poolside

Suite Parties - Launch, Erika Jayne

Nighttime Parties at Palm - Dirty Vegas in Playboy Lounge, Circuit party

Opening Night at Empire - Ella, Stevie Jewel, Amber Rose, Georgie Porgie

Deet Promotions Party at Gypsy - Sharon T, Amber Rose, Ilona Europa, Ella, Michael M, Win Marcinak, Jason Antone, Jacinta, Georgie Porgie

Closing Night Parties - Crystal Method at Ghost Bar, Benny Benassi at Hard Rock