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Winter Music Conference 2002

KTU Party at Red

Nightlife Productions in association with Webster Hall NYC presented East Coast Express - a Saturday night party at Red.  WKTU was broadcasting live with DJ Moody, Mike Rizzo and Joe Dunn spinning.  

Quite an interesting night - one of the first observations I made when attending a dance seminar was that straight people can like dance music also.  This event - was definitely a hetero event - all the guys were from Staten Island with the lovely silicone-enhanced ladies.   To be honest - I wish we had these people in Nashville - a similar crowd here would force you to play thugged out hip hop.

A big kudos to all the artists who performed that night - Sono, Tina Anne, Aubrey, Digital Allies, Nicole McCloud - for performing despite a sketchy microphone/sound system.

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The party was hosted by the lovely, vivacious and energetic Bernadette!

Groovilicious recording artist Sono started the night with an entertaining performance of Keep Control..

Tina Anne took the stage to perform her new single "In My Dreams" and the club hit with Dynamixx "Don't Want Another Man."  The cane routine was quite unique - creativity is always respected.

Digital Allies performed the KTU Smash "Without You" - John Kano playing guitar and Rich Luzze singing in his distinctive style.  The lighting was quite dark so the pictures didn't come out.

Groovilicious Recording artist Aubrey sang her club smash "Stand Still" - consistency - everytime she was on stage - she was in good voice, good choreography - very intimate yet open.  She really feels the song and shares love with the crowd.

Wow - what a voice - what energy on stage!  Nicole McCloud was the talk of the conference with her amazing performance of "One Good Reason".. a true star ..

My possee for the evening Christie, Andy, Rachel - we had a blast running around town to all the different parties.  

crowd shot

thanks to Nightlife for a fun night

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