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Cascada Interview


Cascada Interview

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Proving that dance music sounds good on the radio, "Everytime We Touch" exploded onto radio all over the United States. With over 2.5 million plays, the buzz on the europop confection started on Myspace, where more than 150,000 friends spread the music of Cascada. Although singer Natalie might be a newcomer, you will surely know the producer Yanou from his work with DJ Sammy - remember the international smash "Heaven?"

DJ Ron Slomowicz: So when you recorded Everytime We Touch, did you have any idea it would be such a big hit?
Cascada: Oh of course not, one never knows it's going to turn into what it turned into. But we're so happy about it, it's crazy. You know, every time we come over to America we get bombarded with this reaction from the American public, and it's crazy and it's unbelievable.
Yanou: No, never. You just do it as well as possible and the rest develops in the clubs. And it's about people who like it, and then it slowly grows and grows and grows, and now it's exploded. But you never know beforehand.

RS: Do you think Myspace had any effect on the record?
Cascada: I do believe they had a good impact on it, definitely. Because we've got so many friends and we've had so many hits on it, and the kids put the song on their Myspace profile. I think it has a lot to do with our audience from the younger generation, so yes.
Yanou: It's very important and I think it is useful in creating a big fan base and I think it's a very good thing for the future. Also, if you see the internet getting bigger and bigger, MySpace definitely is the right way to go.

RS: The idea for the library and the video- was that your idea or where did that come from?
Cascada: I mustn't take credit for that, no, it was Max who came up with it and he was the producer of the video, the director.

RS: Did you have fun making the video?
Cascada: Oh, it was fantastic. I mean it was very tiring, we did it all through the night because obviously a library is open during the day so we had to film it during the night, but no, it was an awful lot of fun. Dancing on the table and throwing stuff about, you know, that was great fun.

RS: I noticed there's a few covers on the CD, what was it like covering the Roxette classic How Do You Do?
Cascada: Oh it was a lot of fun, it's a great song, it's a fun song. I think a lot of the younger kids, they really enjoy singing it because they can sing along during the show.

RS: What are the plans for the next single?
Yanou: It's going to be "A Miracle." We're going to do a rerelease of this song because the feedback has been really amazing and we've already got a lot of downloads on it, so we're going to do a new edit and throw it out there and hope and cross fingers that it explodes as well.

RS: What's been the biggest gig you've done in the United States so far?
Cascada: The biggest? Well we did House of Blues in Chicago and we've done Webster Hall in New York a couple of times, I guess those are the sort of caliber that we could call quite big. So that's pretty much it at the moment.

RS: Is that the kind of advice you'd give to upcoming producers and artists?
Yanou: I think nowadays, especially in Germany where dance music is pretty dead, you have to find new ways of getting money. In the end it's about earning some bucks. So owning your own label is a good thing to start with because you get control of everything, you don't have to fight with A&R people who sometimes don't know what they're talking about, that's my experience. So when we release a record, we are sure that it's going to work and we do it on our own, and so everything comes back on us, so it's a good thing like, yes, just to have control over everything.

RS: What would you like to say to all your fans out there?
Yanou: Well, all these fans, I mean, I'm not on stage- so these are fans for Natalie, for Cascada, and they're amazing. I saw some shows of her at some clubs and they are the best. And I just thank everybody for the big support, and also all the radio DJs who support us, it's really, really nice. And you guys rock.
Cascada: The only thing I can think of is thank you so much, you're wonderful, and without you we wouldn't be here today, so a huge kiss and a hug from me.

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