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Jes Interview


Jes Interview

Jes rocking the dancemusic.about.com button


Motorcycle, Tiesto, D:Fuse, Solar Stone, Deepsky are just a few of the big names that Jes Brieden has worked with over the past few years. With a slew of hit club singles, including "As the Rush Comes" with Motorcycle, Jes is in constant demand for her magnetic live performances. During the hectic Winter Music Conference, I pulled Jes aside to ask her a few questions about her multitude of current projects.

DJ Ron Slomowicz: So what's the story with "Around You?"
Jes Brieden: Around you will be on my CD. I'm going to put the original version, which is amazing, on my CD - so people know where it came from. There are new remixes that are really good and we are going to promote them properly. Thank's for asking. I know people love that one and I'm so happy about it. I have so many new ones and I'm excited for everyone to hear them.

RS: So is this a Motorcycle album or a Jes album?
Jes: It's a Jes album.

RS: Produced by Motorcycle?
Jes: No, produced by a bunch of different people as well as myself.

RS: So you'll have the Tiesto track, the Motorcycle track…
Jes: And "Like a Waterfall" with Solarstone.

RS: There are also those tracks you did with D:Fuse.
Jes: We did "Living the Dream" and "Everything with You." "Living the Dream" is actually out in Europe and everytime I go over there, I hear it on the radio. There's a couple of different remixes out on it.

RS: You were incredible last night at the Mansion party with Tiesto.
Jes: That was an amazing night. We debuted "People Will Go," which is on his In Search of Sunrise CD. We just came back from Malaysia and we did a huge show there for like 20,000 people.

RS: This has been such a big year for you. What's your secret?
Jes: Boy, its been a lot of hard work. You work on so many things and you think there's nothing coming out, then everything comes out at one time and you've just got to keep on going. That's what happened, I was just working, working, working and working, and then it all came out.

RS: What do you want to say to all your fans out there?
Jes: I love you so much, I couldn't do this without you. Keep listening, there's a lot of new good stuff coming out.

RS: And what's your website?
Jes: It's planetjes.com.

RS: And are you still selling panties on it?
Jes: I sure am - flourescent colors and glow-in-the-dark.

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