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Scissor Sisters Interview - Baby Daddy


RS: And a standard is a standard, and I think "Take Your Mama Out" is a standard.
Baby Daddy: Thank you. I think "Comfortably Numb" is a standard that begged to be reinterpreted and begs to be interpreted again. We absolutely talk about the idea of a music standard, about the idea of a song that has a verse and a chorus and you can sing around a campfire. I don't care what the production is on that song, I don't care what it sounds like. I don't want people to look beyond the fact that it's a good song and play it next to anything else.

RS: Living in New York, you've probably met all kinds of singers and artists, what about Jake Shears inspired you to make music with him?
Baby Daddy: He's got a damn amazing voice, an amazing, disgusting sense of humor, and a sickly creative mind. He brings things into the studio that I would never expect. He comes in with ideas that, in my mind, I'm expecting the standard execution and he brings it somewhere else to something I've never heard before. That's what he does. I consider myself a creative person that's possibly grounded in a few more of the rules of how to get the job done, but Jake doesn't think about rules. For him the rules are there is a verse and there is a chorus, and other than that it better have a hook and it better be good and it better catch his ear. He's a weirdo and he's a freak.

RS: Is "Return to Oz" based on a specific experience or speaking about expectations?
Baby Daddy: You'd have to ask Jake about that, I think he wrote with Seattle in mind, with all the crystal meth tragedy over there. To me it's a song about San Francisco and to a lot of others it's about New York but it can be about anywhere. I wouldn't say that it was one specific incident, but I think everyone in the band and in our group of friends has been touched in some way by the problems it's talking about. Its it talking about the problems of the homogenization of the gay community and people losing themselves in self-deprecation, then losing themselves in an escape that's not a positive escape. It's a retracting from reality.

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