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Interview with Sun





RS: Here in the US it seems like you're doing really well with dance music…
Sun: Yes, I heard from Tas that my single "One With You" went up the chart and I was so blown away. My new song, "Without Love," that I did with Jimmy Harry is being played in clubs now. It's being picked up internationally and there's a good buzz. I've heard a few remixes and I can't wait to hear the rest. I heard the Motivo remix and really loved it.

RS: What about dance music inspires you?
Sun: I think it's the rhythms and the beats. Every time you listen to dance music, you can't sit still, you have to stand up and start dancing. Singing and dancing is so part of me and it's not just about performance. It's about enjoying it personally. The music inspires me and brings out something, the wild side of me that every Asian, I think, wants to get out.

RS: Tell me about your new single "Without Love."
Sun: I worked with Jimmy Harry, who worked with Britney Spears on "Touch of My Hand." When it was told to me that it was Jimmy Harry I was really nervous, because he's such a big guy. He was so good in directing me and I learned so much from him. When I listen to the remixes, I am really blown away. I can't believe that it was me. I feel that the team has done such a great job.

RS: I've got to ask you, what was it like seeing yourself on the postage stamp?
Sun: I remember looking at it and I thought, is that real? I kept touching it, because in Asia, we collect stamps and they are kind of precious. So when I had that in my hand I just, I just thought gosh, is that real, is that my face on this stamp? It's like having your face on the dollar note or something. I was being honored for some little things that I've done for the children in China. I didn't know that they would honor me with such a great honor, so I was really pleased with that.

RS: With all of your community service I can definitely see why you're being honored. What motivates you to do so much community service?
Sun: When I was in my teens, I battled with depression and it was counselors in school that helped me. I was so inspired by them and felt the difference they made in my life, so I studied sociology and psychology in college. In whatever that I do, whether it's singing or social work, I want to be able to just make a difference in peoples' lives.

RS: Awesome. I saw you at the Dance Star Awards in Miami, how did you like that show?
Sun: Ooh, I loved it! It was my first time coming so close and seeing Moby, Paul Van Dyk, David Morales and even Paris Hilton. I had the privilege to go up there to make a presentation and I was nervous because I'm not so fluent in my English yet. So when I went up there I was thinking that I was going to forget everything that I've went through in my mind. The DanceStar Awards were a great experience and the show was fantastic, seeing people performing and singing live. I think that was a trip for me, and even being in the Grammies, hearing Beyonce and others singing live. Because of technology, everybody can sound so good on a CD, but hearing them singing and performing live, feeling the vibe is a wonderful experience.

RS: Speaking about singers, who are your favorite singers?
Sun: My favorite singer? Madonna, and now of course Beyonce.

RS: If you could duet with anyone, who would you duet with?
Sun: Duet? Justin Timberlake and Madonna.

RS: One last question, what do you want to say to all your new fans out here in the US?
Sun: I want to tell them, please look out for my single and look out for my songs and enjoy it because I enjoy recording it and the process of learning different things and growing with the music. I hope I can do better each time when I come back and I can't wait for spring to come, when I come back for performances. I really hope to be able to meet all my fans.

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