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Erasure - Union Street Interview
For twenty years now, there has been no more tireless a pair of advocates for the glory of synth-pop than Erasure. Andy Bell and Vince Clarke have been making outstanding pop music that moves the dancefloor and the pop charts, and even when exploring new sounds and textures, their devotion to electronic music has never waned.

Lucas Prata Interview
When someone mentions a dance artist, the immediate impression is a female diva belting over house beats. So when a male artist steps up, they have to work twice as hard. Starting with his debut "Let's Get It On," Lucas Prata has been working his way through the dance world creating energetic dance pop confections that have been embraced by dance radio.

Plumb Interview
On her second studio album, Plumb explores the world of electronica and dance music as a new background for her eloquent and emotional songwriting. Known in the dance world for the song "Damaged" that was covered by Plummet, Plumb's song "Cut" has recently been remixed to spread her message to new audiences.

Barbara Tucker Interview
Barbara Tucker is probably the hardest-working diva in the business. Crafted as part of a benefit for AIDS charity Lifebeat, her record with Blaze, "Most Precious Love," was the definitive record of Winter Music Conference 2005. With a re-release pending on Defected and a hot video, the song continues to be a club anthem. Performing back-to-back every night during the week of the conference, Barbara also organizes "Let the Singer be Heard," to give artists a chance to share their music.

Danielle Bollinger Interview
From Star Search to dance clubs, Danielle Bollinger has had an interesting launch for her musical career- taking her everywhere from Nashville to New York on the path to create her album. Her debut single "When the Broken Hearted Love Again" became a dance radio staple, and the follow up "Kiss the Sky" is set to explode. But what's next for one of the true up-and-coming divas of dance?[

Eliot Lipp Interview
Eliot Lipp Interview

Rich Brown Project
My beloved hometown Nashville, Tennessee is known to many as "Music City USA," but it's known to most as "Country Music City USA." In fact, I spend a significant amount of time trying to convince people that there's a LOT more going on in "Nashvegas" than honky tonks and fried catfish. What's really going on in Nashville is a burgeoning hip-hop and soul scene headed up, in part, by CRISIS and Kwesi B of Rich Brown.

Billie Myers Interview
Discovered dancing at a nightclub, singer/songwriter Billie Myers exploded onto the international music scene with her debut smash "Kiss the Rain." A remix by the Thunderpuss team introduced her to clubland and a Junior Vasquez remix of "Am I Here Yet" continued the relationship. With "Just Sex," Billie takes us to a new climax with her explosive and direct lyrics and delivery. What's coming next?

DJs Are Alive
DJs Are Alive

Tina Cousins Interview
The singer of international club smashes Killing Time, Pray, and Forever, Tina Cousins also teamed with producer Sash! for the hits Mysterious Times and Just Around the Hill. More than five years after the release of her debut masterpiece, Tina is back singing about her "Wonderful Life" and what it's like to "Mastermind" a comeback.

Lyric L Interview
Seiji's broken-beat anthem "Loose Lips" blew me away the first time I heard it. The beat summoned me onto the dancefloor like one of the pied piper's rats, and Lyric L's vocal delivery sealed it as a record that would never leave my bag. Family chatterbox, basketball player, and much respected lyricist, Lyric L has gone on to write and MC with Ty, Mark de Clive Lowe, Nathan Haines and others. She is an indispensable piece of the West London pie.

Deborah Jordan
Tis the season for the U.K. female soul singer, and it's no surprise that these European cousins to Jill Scott and Erykah Badu add a distinctive twist to vocalising the deeply heartfelt music that is soul. Up and coming among the ranks is London’s Deborah Jordan, a flutist by training who discovered jazz while in university, teamed up with contemporary composer Robert Mitchell and now fronts Dego MacFarlane and Kaidi Tatham’s latest project, Silhouette Brown.

Jan Johnston Interview
Leading off the Femme Fatales compilation on Toucan Cove records, Jan Johnston is one of the most well-known voices of trance music. Working with Paul van Dyk, Paul Oakenfold and Tiesto, Jan has sung on some of clubland's biggest international anthems. Seeking to build her own solo album, she is discovering the next generation of talent- finding up and coming producers as she gigs around the world.

Michelle Shaprow Interview
Michelle Shaprow is indisputable proof that the future of dance music is in good hands. The 24 year-old vocalist, producer and songwriter has written two musicals, a commercial for Coca-Cola, and been featured on notable compilations from Norman Jay, Ministry of Sound, and Om Records. She is currently working on her first full-length album in between doing media production for VH-1 and contemplating the roles of consonance and dissonance in music perception.

Suzanne Palmer
Many singers have valiantly attempted to build their careers around the dance floor. More than a few have succeeded, to be sure. But for the most part, sadly, American audiences are still somewhat obstinate when it comes to fully embracing this genre or allowing much in the way of crossover.

Waiting for Madonna? Try Juliet..
Waiting for Madonna? Try Juliet..

Somatik Interview
Like all good Capricorns, Brad Munn (a.k.a. Somatik) does some of his best work behind the scenes. The mixing engineer, producer, artist and amateur farmer has brought sound to life for 4 Hero, Jill Scott, Lady Miss Kier (formerly of Dee-Lite),Roy Ayers, Terry Callier and a host of others. When he's not busy making everyone else sound impeccable, he works with Marc Mac (from 4 Hero) and Luke Parkhouse ( a.k.a. Hopper) on their highly acclaimed (and quite difficult to find) Visioneers project.

Rhys Fulber (Conjure One) Interview
Few artists can honestly say that they witnessed and contributed to the birth of modern industrial music... Rhys Fulber can. Widely known for his work with Austrian musician Bill Leeb on a little project called Frontline Assembly, Fulber has cemented the use of synthesizers and electronic drums in industrial music. Since Frontline Assembly, Fulber has expanded his musical horizons by composing for numerous side projects such as Intermix, Delirium, Synaesthesia and now Conjure One.

Boozoo Bajou Interview
With their 2001 release Satta, Nuremberg's Boozoo Bajou reacquainted underground music lovers with the slow sultry sounds of bass-heavy dub. Their latest offering, Dust My Broom, proves that location, location, location isn't always the only thing that matters. Superb Jamaican-style blues and country-influenced music can come from all parts of the world-- even Nuremberg, Germany.

Povo Interview
Jazz remains alive and well, and continues to make its way into clubs worldwide, especially with the likes of Danish duo Povo around. Anders Andreasen and Lars Vissing bring together the best of both worlds with Anders experience as a club promoter and DJ, and Lars' musical talent. Both are jazz afficiandos with unique ear for extraordinary music. Their first debut album, "We are Povo", features their successful take on the classic "Uam Uam", and is one of the best jazz albums of this year.

Dee Robert Interview
Most of us first heard of Dee Robert when her cover of Journey's "Separate Ways" stormed onto commercial radio. Realizing that she wrote Nicole McCloud's radio hits "One Good Reason" and "Searchin'," made many wonder why her debut solo single was a cover of the Journey classic. With follow up single "I Believe" and current single "Come Inside My World," as well as new projects with Deborah Cox, Reina and Veronica, Dee has been busy writing some of the best dance music out there!

Jenn Cuneta Interview
One of the many highlights of doing this website is hearing new music and talking to the people who make it. Last year, Andy Weeden (Andy and the Lamboy) sent me a track called "Come Rain, Come Shine," and asked for my opinion. On first listen, the song was absolutely amazing with the catchy Wings sample, singalong chorus and fantastic singer. At the Ultra showcase for Winter Music Conference, I was awestruck by the amazing performance of Jenn Cuneta.

Annie - Anniemal CD Giveaway Contest Rules
Annie - Anniemal CD Giveaway Contest Rules

Annie US Tour Dates / Contest
Annie US Tour Dates / Contest

VnV Nation Interview (Part 3)
VnV Nation Interview (Part 3)

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