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Janice Grace - Profile of Janice Grace


Janice Grace - Profile of Janice Grace

Janice Grace



Pop dance / experimental


Long Island, New York

Quote from Janice about inspiration:

A great fat analog (ala Oberheim, Moog, Prophet) bass sound. I like writing from the bass up. When I come up with a groove I like it always makes me happy.

Why she loves electronica music:

I've been drawn to electronica music since the 70's. Giorgio Moroder (Blondie + Donna Summer), Jean Michel Jarre, Kraftwerk, Pink Floyd's Dark Side of The Moon. All early inspiring songs for me. Good electronic music is otherwordly. It takes you out of your body, it makes you travel to other dimensions. It's a mini vacation.

Talking about remixes:

I love the whole remix concept. A song starts out in one style and ends up in so many different genres. It's the song that keeps on giving! It still amazes me how you can take your vocals, ftp them to a remixer anywhere in the world and in a week you end up with a masterpiece in your inbox!

Trivia from Janice Grace:

There is a parallel between driving 120 mph and playing a great toccata ( Vierne, Bach, Widor) on a powerful pipe organ in a beautiful church. The adrenalin rush is amazing and gets you high. Way better than Coke. The difference is if you crash you walk away intact and can start over!

Releases from Janice Grace:

  • "The Only One"
  • "Geisha Girl" (Remixed by Tracy Young)
  • "Frequency" (Remixes by Jason Nevins, Anton Bass, Dave Pezza, and Air Bureau)

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