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September - Me and My Microphone

September - Me and My Microphone

Robbins Entertainment


September is the musical alias of Swedish dance-pop singer, Petra Marklund. She has released 4 studio albums and 4 compilation albums that counted as debut releases to different countries outside of Sweden. For example, Marklund’s US debut album, September, is a compilation of tracks from her second and third studio albums, In Orbit and Dancing Shoes.


Marklund began recording under the name September in 2003. Previous to that included time in a rock band, and being signed to Stockholm Records. Her European debut, 2004’s September (not to be confused with the US debut of the same name), was the only album to be released by this label. 2005 saw the release of In Orbit under the label Catchy Tunes. Her subsequent European releases stayed on Catchy Tunes, including her 2011 album, Love CPR. Her US debut was on Robbins Entertainment, while Netherlands and Belgium’s debut release was on Silver Angel. UK label Hard2Beat was the home to her UK debut release, Cry For You – The Album.


Marklund’s career has spanned many countries but her impact has not been universal or based solely off any one track. “Satellites” is considered one of her biggest hits to date, hitting the top 10 on 7 international charts including Billboard’s Hot Dance Airplay (#8). However the track barely dented in the UK, reaching #96. It wasn’t until September released “Cry For You” that her appeal reached a wider audience. The track reached high spots in different charts including the UK (#5), France (#6), Estonia (#2), and The Netherlands (#4). Subsequent singles have not reached the same level of success but have maintained September in the ears of the dance world.


September’s music is marked with a distinctive vocal. She is one of the few dance-pop artists who’s voice is considered recognizable. Her music is typically upbeat with a focus on pop song structures and four-to-the-floor beats. Lyrically, her tracks tend to stay in the vein of love or heartbreak. Most of the songs are original arrangements; however “Midnight Heartache” from the In Orbit album contains a sample of “Bette Davis Eyes” by Kim Carnes. Her appearance typically includes avant-garde fashion and her platinum-blonde hair, recently styled in a boy cut by the time of her “Resuscitate Me” video.

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"Mikrofonat," September’s first single from Love CPR is actually a cover of a song by the same name from Petter. It’s success warranted an English version of the song, which is included on the album. Marklund was featured on the song “Breathe” by Schiller.
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