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Dance Artists to Know


The best way to learn about dance music is to follow the path from its roots in disco from the 70s and artists from the 80s, moving forward to current artists setting trends and looking forward to who is next.
  1. From the Beginning - Disco
  2. Dance artists from the 80s
  3. Current dance artists setting trends
  4. Dance Divas
  5. New artists to watch

From the Beginning - Disco

Disco music was the root of all dance music. Growing from the underground and gay dance clubs, the sound of disco was born and crossed over to the mainstream.

Dance artists from the 80s

Disco died in the 70s and dance music went underground to morph into house and hiNRG. New wave and punk styles had some dance off shoots as pop music embraced dance music in many forms.

Current dance artists setting trends

Dance and electronica music is often made by trendsetting artists who test boundaries and create new sounds.

Dance Divas

Divas are female singers with big voices. They sing the classic dance anthems that everyone lives for.

New artists to watch

Artists breaking the mold and shaking up the dance music world.

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