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Ben Norman's 2008 Wrapup


2008 has been the year of awareness for me. Reviewing for this website and learning the ropes of being a local DJ have really opened my eyes to a lot of things going on in our musical world. Take a look at our year in music, according to Ben Norman.

Best Dance Recording: Ida Corr vs. Fedde Le Grand - "Let Me Think About It"

Yes, this song was initially released in '07 but I believe it's true impact was felt in '08, and we will continue feeling the impact from this massive record in years to come. Runner Up: No Halo - "Put Your Hands On"

Best Remix Production: Lindsay Lohan - "Bossy" (Soulshaker Remix)

Why did this nab that spot, do you ask? While 2008 was chock full of fantastic remixes, Soulshaker took a deep, dark, and sexy song by Ms. Lohan and turned it into an uplifting house track with vocal harmonies that weren't present in the original. Runner Ups: Amy Studt - "Nice Boys" (Wawa Remix), Joseph - "Your Love Still Haunts Me" (DJ Bam Bam Remix), Solange - "Sandcastle Disco" (Freemasons Remix)

Best Dance Crossover Track: September - "Cry For You"

Robbins Entertainment
While I love Robbins Entertainment for everything they do for dance, I felt that the emergence of Cascada onto the radio was a huge mistake in representing the dance genre because of its dated euroNRG sound. Robbins has since made peace with me by backing and promoting Swedish singer September and this europop confection. Good job guys!

Best Dance Artist: Madonna

Maverick/Warner Bros Records
Because, face it. Even when she does hip-hop, it's dance. You may be slowly sliding into obsoleteness when it comes to the American mainstream Madonna, but your music will always be welcome on *this* desktop. Runner Ups: Bimbo Jones (Band), Junkie XL

Best Dance-Pop Artist: Lady Gaga

Interscope Records
Should be no surprise here. Lady Gaga has stormed the world with her infectious and simple dance-pop tunes beginning with the crazy "Just Dance". Runner Up: Britney Spears

Best Dance-Rock Artist: The Veronicas

Sire/Warner Bros
Just reading my review should give ample reason why I feel this album deserves this position. It stayed on my iPod's main list for 80% of the year, and with my attention span for new music, that is an extremely long time. An honorable mention goes to The Ting Tings because I misjudged this fantastic group in my review for their debut album. It shows a lot of class and intelligence I didn't pay enough attention to in my initial listen. Runner Ups: The Killers, The Presets, Katy Perry, Kerli

Best Remixer/Producer: Bimbo Jones

Tommy Boy Records
Cranking out hit remix after hit remix has to be hard, but the boys of Bimbo Jones manage to continue providing stellar remixes to acts across the globe. Keep it coming! Runner Ups: Freemasons, Dave Aude

Best Featured Vocalist: Katherine Ellis

I've tired of many of the same vocalists being used in dance music today, considering the plethora of talented singers out there, but Katherine Ellis still manages to give me goosebumps with her pipes. Runner Ups: Luciana, Amanda Wilson

Best New Artist You Don't Know: Ladyhawke

This girl is on fire! Her debut album is chock full of perfectly executed modern nostalgia, and due to her unkown and indie status, you can still get her album pretty cheap! Runner Ups: Innerpartysystem, Walter Meego

Worst Track: Rihanna - "Disturbia"

I may be in what's called the "minority" on this one, but Rihanna's upbeat tone and tedious beat were the only things disturbing about this "hit".

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