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Top Dance Songs of 2008 - A list of the top dance songs of 2008 according to DJ


A list of the top dance songs of 2008 from the perspective of DJ Ron. As a DJ/VJ, a writer and a dance music lover, I listen to a lot of music every day. Here are my top 30 favorites of 2008.

1. Alphabeat - "Boyfriend" (EMI)

Do you want me to remix my Kylie entry again? It was hard to choose a favorite between the Bimbo Jones remixes of "10,000 Nights" and "Fascination" and old school/girl twirl Pete Hammond mix of "Boyfriend." Can I tell you how excited I am to see the Danish pop stars when they open for Katy Perry on tour this spring?

2. Anna Grace - "You Make Me Feel" (Robbins)

Robbins Entertainment
I think radio programmer Vic Latino hit the nail on the head when he said on a panel that he would play anything that Peter Luts produces. The Belgian mastermind behind Lasgo, Astroline and the reboot of Ian Van Dahl can pretty much do no wrong. In case you are wondering why Anna Grace's voice sounds so familiar, its because its no other than Annemie Coenen - the singer of Ian Van Dahl.

3. BenDJ featuring Sushy "Me And Myself" (Nervous)

Nervous Records
While we can't find much bio information on T. Ben Abdallah, the man behind BenDJ, we can honestly say the middle eastern-flavored electro jam stood out in a year of cookie cutter sound alike. Thanks to a remix by Wolfgang Gartner and a video featuring a very lucky glass floor, "Me and Myself" received a lot of club play around the world.

4. Bimbo Jones "And I Try" (Tommy Boy)

Tommy Boy Records
Production/remix team Mark JB and Lee Dagger teamed up singer/songwriter Katherine Ellis to create one of the best dance albums of 2008. On the decidely disco tip, "And I Try" is 3 plus minutes of discohouse delight. Check out the Don Diablo mix for a bit of his trademark electro-hooligan house.

5. Bodyrox featuring Luciana "What Planet You On" (Phonetic)

Following up a massive smash like "Yeah, Yeah," was no easy task especially since it bubbled up from the underground and became a pop hit. Take two was another success due to Luciana's playful and sharp vocals which made the agressive electro track memorable and special.

6. Cahill featuring Nikki Belle "Trippin On You" (All Aorund the World)

All Around the World
When I first heard this, it sounded so familiar but I couldn't place it. It was driving me bonkers until I realized that it was an update/cover of the Agent Sumo remix of Oris Jay presents Delsena record "Trippin" from 2001. While there are loyalists who slagged this off, I found myself loving the multitude of remixes by Alex K, Wawa, Wideboys and Thomas Gold vs Dave Ramone. Following up the record with an Appolonia cover endeared the artist to me even further.

7. Chris Lake "Only One" (Nervous)

Every week I do a radio show on WRVU and then listen back to it in the car the next day. Every so often a record gets caught in my head to such an extent that I find myself singing it without even knowing - even to the point of humming the vocal to other tracks. The insanely catchy chorus makes Chris Lake's "Only One" one such record.

8. Crystal Waters vs Speakerbox "Dancefloor" (Big)

Big Mgmt
Clubland veteral Crystal Waters debuted "Dancefloor" at WMC 2008 to much fanfare. Immediately catchy with a singalong chorus, we expected this to be one of the biggest records of the year. Its a tragedy that US dance radio stations passed on this gem, because it definitely worked wonders on any dancefloor it was played.

9. Cyndi Lauper "Into the Nightlife" (Sony)

After years of remixes, Cyndi finally worked with real electronic/dance music producers (Kleerup, Morel, Scumfrog) to produce the Grammy-nominated album "Bring Ya to the Brink." While lead-off single "Same Ol' Story" left us a little cold, "Into the Nightlife" made us sweat on the dancefloor with remixes by Jody den Broeder and SoulSeekers. I hope to see "Echo" be released next.

10. Fans of Jimmy Century "Hot Sahara" (Ann Margrock)

Ann Margrock
Imagine the edgy/alt sound of Garbage but with a stronger, more powerful voice and you got the idea of the sound of Fans of Jimmy Century. Although best known for a racy placement during The L Word, the club remixes by Eric Kupper and Lenny B had us dancing all year long.
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