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Amsterdam Dance Event 2005

Amsterdam Dance Event 2005


Amsterdam Dance Event 2005

Amsterdam Dance Event 2005

Celebrating the tenth anniversary, the Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE) will bring over 1300 dance music professionals for a daytime conference with informative panels and workshops and a nighttime program featuring more than 300 DJ's and artists at 30 clubs around the city. ADE will take place at the Felix Meritis from October 27th to 29th.

The industry conference will feature daytime and nighttime programs including: Kevin Saunderson launching his worldwide Fuse tour, Dave Clarke teaming up with Anthony Rother and Fixmer & McCarthy (Nitzer Ebb), and panels with Ferry Corsten, Stonebridge and Paul Van Dyk. People of over 30 nationalities will be present at this essential global dance music festival.

The City of Amsterdam and Amsterdam Partners have teamed up with ADE to promote the event in Germany and the UK showcasing museums, galleries, and exhibition spaces where culture meets innovation. The ADE opening - a presentation of dance opera Orfeo - will be a perfect showcase. Dutch film composer Laurens van Rooyen will debut the dance opera as the opening event, a crossover of classical, opera and dance music based on the Greek legend of Orfeo. Original music was composed by Van Rooyen in conjunction with dance producers Rank I and Geert Huinink (Tiësto's composer.)

The daytime confernece will focus on new develipments - hot records and artists, downloads, distribution and promotion, and the grobal music scene. German superstar DJ Paul van Dyk and Dutch self-made businessman Duncan Stutterheim (owner of dance success story ID&T) will be taking an active part in the ADE day program.

I attended Amsterdam Dance Event 2004 and one day I was in a rush between meetings and ran into Burger King for a quick meal. I sat down next to a table with three women - a young girl, her mother (30ish) and her grandmother (60ish). Basement Jaxx's "Red Alert" came on the sound system and all three started singing along. Would this ever happen in the United States? Probably not, as BK would never play BJ, and even if they did, the average person wouldn't know the song.

That's just a hint of the influence that dance music has on popular culture in Amsterdam which has helped make the Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE) such a wonderful event. Check out the links below for more stories from last year's ADE:

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