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Amsterdam Dance Event 2012


Amsterdam Dance Event Logo

Amsterdam Dance Event Logo

The 17th edition of Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE), the premiere European dance music conference, will take place from October 17th-21st, 2012.

After selling out for the fifth year in a row, the event is expanding to include a fifth day with the Sunday being a full day of events in addition to the Wednesday (which was added for the 15th edition.) The 2011 ADE featured the announcement of the DJ Mag List winners and brought more than 140,000 clubbers (night-time events) and 3,000 conference delegates (day=time events) from over 60 countries.

Featured panel topics for this year include: The Game-Changers (with representation from Beatport, Electric Daisy and Sensation), How to Create a Publishing Powerhouse, Beamlab: The Future of Stagecraft, Focus on Australia, 25 Years of Electronic Music with Coldcut's Matt Black, How to Score a Primetime TV Ad, and Tapping into the Power of Radio & Beyond (with representatives of MixCloud, Sirius/XM, Boy in the Corner and Radio Department.) The addition of the fifth day isn't the only expansion for ADE 2012, this year will also launch the Tech Lounge. This is an expansion of the technology forum Music and Bits to accommodate demand with a dedicated show case for startups and digital innovation. According to ADE director Richard Zijlma, "As part of ADE's ongoing mission to represent every relevant area of business practice and technology, creating Tech Launch is an exciting concept that we believe has huge potential to grow ADE's place in the dynamic and rapidly evolving technology landscape." Conference topics this year will include "Music Arts and Design," "Music Mobile and Context," "Music and Business" and keynotes from representatives of Turntable.FM and Cashmusic.

In addition to the daytime conference and nighttime parties, there are several other events taking place in conjunction with ADE:

ADE Next
The Saturday program brings 500 up and coming producers and artist through a rigorous day long program to train them to be the next generation of music industry professionals.

ADE University
Launched in 2011, the three day program brings 200 local music students and rising talents to learn from industry professionals.

Hard Dance Event (HDE)
HDE is a new group of sessions at the Melkweg that facilitates artists, promoters, and producers in the harder styles to network and experience current and new developments in the genres.

ADE Playground
These pop-up events appear throughout Amsterdam with various music, art, design, social and technology experiences.

Registration for Amsterdam Dance Event is available through their website.

Getting ready for ADE
To prepare for ADE 2011, we reached out to various people in the electronic dance music industry and asked them why they attend, how they prepare and their past experiences. Below are their interviews:

Management perspective - Gary Salzman / Big Management
Label perspective - Stephanie Karten / Robbins Entertainment
DJ/Producer perspective - Darude
DJ/Producer perspective #2 - Stonebridge
Newcomer perspective - Jason Dottley

For coverage of 2011 ADE - Click Here

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