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"Dance Buenos Aires, Dance" - South American Music Conference


Videos aside, Room 4 (TECH HOUSE) showcased the South American talent. Chilean DJ Tony Mass, Argentina's Tommy Jacobs and Dr. Trincado played to a devoted crowd till sunset. Evil Eddie Richards then warmed things up further for fellow Brit Justin Robertson, who handed over to a remarkable set by local Diego Ro-k. The home crowd literally gave it their all for the "Maradona of DJs" playing cutting-edge techno house. As one of the stars of the conference, many agreed that it is this type of genuine talent that the SAMC has helped expose. Diego was followed by yet another highlight of the conference - Tiga. Bathed in blue light, the crowd went crazy with the Canadian knowing exactly which buttons to push on his first visit to the country, playing an untypical but very danceable set. After these two awesome sets, Derrick May / Francois K had a difficult act to follow. Circulation finished off the steamy arena with a hard house onslaught till the small hours.

Last but not least was Room 5 which was full to the brim with the true TECHNO fans. Room 5's temperature definitely surpassed the typical Argentine summer in this huge arena, with many fans literally just stripping off in the heat. There were also a high number of female DJs here - something that was lacking in the other rooms. Colombian Diego Mystick kicked things off, and was followed by a host of South Americans, such as Brazilian beauty Ingrid Chasseraux, fellow Brazilians Fabricio Pecanha and Anderson Noise. Argentine Dero handed over the decks to the northern hemisphere. Misstress Barbara and Magda played reasonably, before the highlights of the night arrived, with Belgium's Marco Bailey being the first of four banging sets that made this arena possibly the best of the night. The roar of approval for superstar Richie Hawtin's set was astounding, with this it being one of the four highlights of the techno room. Scandinavian techno idol Christian Smith kept up the pace admirably, with Chris Liebing stealing the show to end with a stormer that left the crowd exhausted after the 4-set mayhem. Liebing's performance during the conference left a big impression that has not gone unnoticed - he will certainly be welcome in Argentina in the future.

With the event closing up, all internationals were full of praise for the Argentine crowd and Buenos Aires, and many were surprised with the friendliness and response of the punters. Roulier commented: "I'm honestly completly blown away. I didn't really know what to expect, and then when I came down I realized that this was the first time that the South American Music Conference was happening, and to see these types of responses. It's very overwhelming, very inspiring, because things like this don't happen in North America. I've been absolutely blown away, it's really impressive. I'm sure every single DJ would say the same thing - it's way more than they could expect."

Many were very impressed with the crowd's knowledge and lack of categorizing - the scene is still relatively young in Argentina, and the crowd is less judgmental and just enjoy the music for what it is. Many thought that the crowd responded a lot better than they would in Miami - fashion status has not hit Buenos Aires yet, and the only grumbles really concerned the duration of it (too short). Some also mentioned the lack of latin influence, but said that the passion of the crowd made up for this. The warmth and friendliness of the crowd is not the only reason that Buenos Aires has established itself so well. The homegrown industry has been slowly coming to its own, and in light of local-turned-superstar Cattaneo's success, local talent have realized that they too have something to contribute internationally.

Many also mentioned that they had learnt a lot from their time. Omid commented on what he had learnt from his time at the SAMC: "We need to make a bit more of an effort in knowing what's going on around the world. The British press are very stuck in their ways, and don't pay enough attention to what's going on globally. No agencies that I'm aware of around the world seem to be noticing these people and this amazing talent."

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