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2012 About.com Readers' Choice Awards - Dance Music / Electronica Winners


With all the votes tallied (and fake/hacked votes eliminated, here are the final winners for the 2012 DanceMusic.About.Com Readers' Choice Awards.

1. Best Dance/Electronica Song: Afrojack ft Eva Simons - "Take Over Control"

Afrojack ft Eva Simons - Take Over Control
"Take Over Control" is a massive club record that crossed from the underground to the radio - just barely missing the top 40 (it hit #41.) Afrojack is one of the major stars of the Dirty Dutch scene who collaborated with Pitbull & NeYo to top the pop charts with "Give Me Everything." His current single with Shermanology "Can't Stop Me" is making waves and we can look forward to his forthcoming collaboration with Paris Hilton. Eva Simons was best known for her quirky fun single "Silly Boy" and is set to release "I Don't Like You" which sounds like it could be the proper follow up to "Take Over Control."

2. Best Dance / Electronica Artist Album: Above and Beyond 'Group Therapy'

Above and Beyond - Group Therapy
From beginning to end, Above and Beyond has created a musical staple that will stand out from the massive amount of trance producers releasing tracks today. For many the name Above and Beyond is recognizable because they have been producing since 2000 and have won many awards and are renowned for their uplifting trance anthems. Although this is only their third album, they have grown in leaps and bounds since their release of Sirens of the Sea in 2008. Group Therapy is made up of 15 total tracks, though some are interludes, every song has its place and it all fits together like one big trance puzzle.

3. Best Remixed Song: Benny Benassi - "Cinema (Skrillex Mix)"

Benny Benassi featuring Gary Go - Cinema
Winner of the Grammy for Best Remixed Recording, the Skrillex Mix of Benny Benassi's "Cinema" won the category by a landslide. This is probably the dubstep record that had the biggest crossover to mainstream audiences in 2011.

4. Best Dance Music / Electronica Video: Kerli - "Army of Love"

Kerli Rocking the DanceMusic.About.Com Button
WMC 2011
To prep people for Kerli's sophomore artist album is the teaser single, "Army of Love". Expect the look and sound of this single to set the tone for her new album, which appears to be ditching her twisted lolita/alterna-chick approach that she used on her first album. "Army of Love" draws from a lot of obvious inspirations. Specifically, I hear Bjork, Avril Lavigne, Ke$ha, and Lady Gaga, although someone I asked for an opinion of the track also thought it might have been Robyn. Whether blatantly selling out or making a true artistic shift in musical direction, "Army of Love" is catchy and may just make Kerli more accessible across the board. I'm curious to see how much of her original sound she keeps on her new album.

5. Best Dance Music / Electronica Artist: deadmau5

deadmau5 Rocking the DanceMusic.About.Com Button
The king of Beatport had a phenomenal year - touring the world, releasing massive club tracks ("Aural Psynapse," "Strobe" and "Raise Your Weapon,") and performing at the Grammy Awards.

6. Best New Dance Music / Electronica Artist: Wynter Gordon

Wynter Gordon Rocks the DanceMusic.About.Com Button
WMC 2011
Calling her a new artist might be a bit odd, since "Dirty Talk" is two years old - but 2011 is the year that Wynter really broke through. With solo hits "Buy My Love" and "Til Death," and collaborations with Laidback Luke, Steve Aoki, Mync & Rhythm Masters and Freemasons, her music is rocking clubs around the world.

7. Best Remixer: Cahill

The remix team of Anton Powers, Tim Condran and Scott Rosser had an amazing year constructing massive commercial club remixes for the biggest international pop artists including Leona Lewis, Nicole Scherzinger, Rihanna, The Wanted, Cascada and Lady Gaga. Their label 3beat achieved great success in the UK with Ola and Inna as well.

8. Best American DJ: (Tie) Roger Sanchez

Roger Sanchez is not only the DJ's DJ but the producer's producer. His label Stealth Records released stellar tracks from Jesse Garcia, Jesse Voorn, Tom Stephan, Baggi Begovic, Lissat & Voltaxx, and K-Klass. His own track "2Gether" perfectly blended a sample from the B-52's class "Loveshack" with a rap from the Far East Movement.

9. Best American DJ: (Tie) Skrillex

Skrillex (a.k.a. Sonny Moore) tours relentlessly, releases wildly popular dubstep tracks and manages to straddle the line between major label promotion and indie credibility (he is signed to both Atlantic records and deadmau5's label Mau5trap.) For his insane efforts, he won all the electronic music categories in the Grammys and was nominated for Best New Artist. He has also built a massive audience of fans that continues to grow with each production and remix.

10. Best International DJ - deadmau5

Winter Music Conference 2009
deadmau5 tours the world relentlessly and compliments his energetic electro sets with a sickening visual and video show. For a taste of the live experience, check out his new DVD Meowingtons Hax 2K11.
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