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Remixers and Producers

Websites of our favorite remixers and producers. If you have any suggestions of ones to add - please email.
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Paul Van Dyk 2009 Interview
With all the talk about the big DJ Mag poll, it seems fitting for me to post this interview that I recently did with Paul van Dyk. In June, Paul toured the US in a tourbus hitting seventeen cities in seventeen days. While the idea of a bus tour isn't unheard of for superstar international DJs (remember the infamous Sasha/Digweed bustour,) it is quite rare as most of the big guys choose to fly in, out and around the states for select dates.

Paul Oakenfold Interview
With a career spanning more than 20 years in electronic dance music, Paul Oakenfold is clearly an icon. Movie soundtracks, hit singles, massive tours, mixed compilations, remixes and productions by Oakenfold have expanded the way people view djs and electronic music. Ask any person on the street, dance music enthusiast or not, the will know Oakenfold.

Yiannis Elia Interview
Yiannis Elia Interview - Interview with Yiannis Elia

Wolfgang Gartner Interview
Wolfgang Gartner Interview - Interview with Wolfgang Gartner

Dave Dresden - 2011 Interview
Dave Dresden - 2011 Interview

Matt Darey - 2011 Interview
Matt Darey - 2011 Interview

Above and Beyond - 'Group Therapy' Interview
Interview with Above and Beyond regarding their new CD 'Group Therapy.'

Kevin Saunderson (Inner City) Interview
Kevin Saunderson (Inner City) Interview

Mason 2011 Interview
Mason 2011 Interview

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