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Fenomenon Interview




Emmerald: Are you both still living in Norway, or have you moved? If you have moved, what prompted you to do so?
Fenomenon: We are still living in Stavanger, Norway, and will keep doing so. We get our music out there anyway, and the music environment at home is very good. I think it is important to represent where you come from and be a part of putting your town and country on the map.

Emmerald: What is your music-making process? The end result has a very 80s sound. Did you use music gear that was popular back in the 80s, or did you create your sound with more modern equipment?
Fenomenon: We used some old and some new equipment. We used Roland Juno a lot, which is a synthesizer from the 80s that has alot of the sounds you will hear on the record. Other than that, we used samples from the Commodore 64 which also has a very distinct 80s sound. The thing about the 80s was that the music was very often minimalistic, they didn't necessarily use a lot of instruments, but they used alot of reverb so the songs sounded very "full" that is also the case on our record, but we have stripped the reverb for the songs to snap more. Of course we also used a lot of modern equipment that we tweaked to sound 80s like.

Emmerald: What other projects are you working on?
Fenomenon: Right now we are finishing our tour back home and have just been to Denmark. We haven't commited to do any remixes until the fall, but are looking forward to doing that and starting on new material. Hobie is also making music for a PC game called "Deus Ex" and will finish that. I only have Fenomenon at this time and will commit to writing new stuff.

Emmerald: What is the next single from "Hourglass"?
Fenomenon: The new single is "Trouble Takes Flight" featuring our good Friend Thomas Dybdahl, who is a fantastic singer/songwriter and quite the "popstar" back here in Norway. The video should be out one of these days, so look out for it.

Emmerald: Are you going on tour? If so, where? Will it be a performance show or a DJ tour?
Fenomenon: We have been touring since May with our four-piece band. The tour has been mainly festivals in Norway, but we have also played in Denmark this year, which was a lot of fun.

Emmerald: When you all created the music for "Hourglass" did you think of it in terms of a particular concept or dea?
Fenomenon: "Hourglass" was a concept that would describe the phenomenon of time. We both wanted to give it an 80s feel, because nearly all the songs are based on movies, or tv series from the 80s. For example "Lucy Said" is about the receptionist Lucy in "Twin Peaks." "Space continuum" is taken from the "Back to the Future" movies and so on. It was a natural choice for us and we are pleased with the outcome, but will take a different path on the next album.

The title "Hourglass" is supposed to describe the time it has taken us to get our first album out. Alot of misfortunate things have happened, like Nuphonic getting liquidated right before our album release and the whole record industry having financial problems. But we learned that time heals all wounds, and that is also the case with us, so hence the concept time for the album.

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