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Gabriel and Dresden 2008 Interview


Gabriel and Dresden 2008 Interview

Josh Gabriel and Dave Dresden - Best American DJ

Winter Music Confernce - 2008 International Dance Music Awards

As a team, Gabriel and Dresden have worked together for seven years producing, remixing, and DJing. Their list of accomplishments is quite impressive - producing the international club smash Motorcycle "As the Rush Comes," remixing the works of Paul Oakenfold, Way Out West, Depeche Mode, Madonna, and Tiesto, achieving #20 on the DJ Magazine list, and winning the International Dance Music Awards for Best DJ two years in a row. After WMC this year, the two have decided to take a break and work on solo projects. I caught up with Josh and Dave during Winter Music Conference to talk about their work together and their future plans apart.

Josh Gabriel Interview Dave Dresden Interview

Posted April 8, 2008

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