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Hybrid Interview


Hybrid Interview



Fusing breakbeats and progressive dance styles, Hybrid, the duo of Mike Truman and Chris Healings, recently released their third artist album "I Choose Noise." A move towards a more cinematic feel parallels their recent work on the movie Déjà Vu and other projects they have completed while staying in Los Angeles. Collaborating with everyone from composer Harry Gregson-Williams and the Seattle Orchestra to Peter Hook (New Order) and Perry Farrell, Hybrid have created some of the most interesting electronic music of 2006.

DJ Ron Slomowicz: How long have you been over here in the States?
Chris Healings (Hybrid): We've been here about a month. We did a few shows and we're doing a film in Venice, LA.

RS: The Déjà Vu film? What's the story behind it?
Hybrid: Well I can't tell you, because the director Tony Scott will string me up.

RS: Listening to the new CD, I noticed there was like a sort of a soundtrack vibe on a few of the tracks. Is that a direction you're looking to go with your music?
Hybrid: It's something that we've always wanted to do, and the CD is definitely a step in the direction that we want to go. I mean, we're never going to stop doing club records or anything like that, but this is something we've always wanted to try and I think that we're doing it. The album was kind of written in LA, and we did a lot of film work so it's definitely going to to show in the music.

RS: When you're working on an album, are you looking to make tracks for a dance floor or what's in your mind when you're writing an album like this?
Hybrid: Well, to be honest, we try not to do that. The worse thing we can do is think about the music we're writing and who it's for and where it's supposed to go, why and all that. We did that with the second album and the second album didn't turn out as good as the first one. On that one we were kind of looking at our fanbase a lot. We try not to think about anything really. I mean the first album, we didn't really have any idea in mind, we just wanted to make the kind of stuff that really excites us, and that's what we did with this album as well.

RS: I like the CD title, I Choose Noise, what's the story behind that?
Hybrid: There's a guy called Blake up in Seattle. We were trying to use some of his human beat box on what was going to be "I Choose Noise." We were trying to get him on the album, but it didn't quite fit for this album because it as a bit more cinematic and stuff. In his stuff there was a track called I Choose Noise, so we stole it off him because we really liked it.

RS: Nice. How did you hook up with Perry Farrell?
Hybrid: Basically the guy that we work on films with, Harry Gregson-Williams, is friends with Perry. We do a lot of work down here in Venice on various films, we've done Man on Fire and Domino. Perry came in and we just met him and started playing him some music, he really liked it and yes, got involved.

RS: What's it like working with him in the studio?
Hybrid: Wicked, he's the most enthusiastic person ever. He's such a great vocal talent and never needed more than one or two takes, so he's very easy to work with.

RS: The track you did with him on I Choose Noise is also going to be on his next album. How did that work out?
Hybrid: There's actually a few more as well, I think he's got three pieces of Hybrid music that he's considering for his album, so it might be more than just the one.

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