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Jack D Elliot Interview


Jack D Elliot Interview

Jack D. Elliot


Britney Spears, Taylor Dayne, Nick Lachey, Reina, N'Sync, Backstreet Boys, Brandy, Christina Milian... Just a few of the artists that Jack D Elliot has worked with in his much-celebrated career. With a strong musical background, Jack brings out the song in a club world that is often dominated by repetitive tracks. With his work showing up on TV shows and commercials, it makes you wonder if there is anything he can't do…

DJ Ron Slomowicz: Congratulations on the number one with Nick Lachey.
Jack D Elliot: Oh cool, thank you very much. Yes, I can't believe it's still number one. I haven't checked this week, but it was two weeks in a row already.

RS: Your mix is the one that's being played on Dance Radio, right?
Jack D Elliot: There is a Passengerz mix also, and some stations are playing mine and some are playing his.

RS: In the process of remixing a record like that, do you actually get to meet the singer as a part of it?
Jack D Elliot: Usually not. I've been doing mixes for Jive records for years, so they'd send me the vocals on a CD and usually the artist is touring and doing a lot of publicity. There are some exceptions - sometimes the artist might come in the studio to re-cut some vocals.

RS: So all these years doing Britney Spears and Backstreet Boys remixes, do they ever give you a call and say 'hey, I really liked your mix?'
Jack D Elliot: One of the guys from N'Sync lives a couple of blocks away and when I saw him he was like 'oh, I loved that mix,' but usually they're pretty much on doing their own thing. But I know that they're into it because they have to approve it, so the A&R guys usually let me know that they're feeling it or not. Sometimes they make me do a recall or touch up some stuff.

RS: I know you also played with Ashley, is that Ashlee Simpson or another Ashley on MTV?
Jack D Elliot: That's Ashley Tisdale, she's a TV star.

RS: Are you writing with her or are you producing her?
Jack D Elliot: Right now, I'm in the studio and then I'm working with the famous songwriter Shirley Pieken. Since I'm in LA, I did the track and then sent it over there. Shirley and Ashley will be in the studio and they'll be writing some stuff and then they'll send it back to me. So we kind of do it in a long distance way.

RS: You worked with another famous songwriter, David Foster, for Who Wants to Be a Millionaire. What was that like working with someone like that in the studio?
Jack D Elliot: That was honestly one of the best experiences I've ever had in the music business. He's my idol. My wife was doing vocals for the project, and he treated us with one hundred percent respect. It was just amazing because we got to go out there and we got on Access Hollywood and some good publicity at the time. They used the music for the whole advertising campaign for the TV show for that year.

RS: What's really cool is you're not afraid to do commercials in addition to doing production and remixes. Is that a really good revenue stream for you?
Jack D Elliot: Yes. TV's amazing and it's definitely a great avenue to make money. It's different than when you're writing some of these dance tracks you're counting on radio to survey the records that you get paid, but with television it's automatic. Every time it's played on TV, like I have a lot of music in America's Next Top Model and MTV Punk'd, so there's so many repeats to the shows and then if it's syndicated internationally, you get paid again, so it's definitely an awesome way to get paid.

RS: You've worked with some really established artists. I heard you just got a track on the new Cher album?
Jack D Elliot: Yes, it's one of the songs out of like twenty-seven, so I'm still waiting to hear what's going on.

RS: And also you work with another, I call her a dance legend, Janice Robinson. You work with her as a writer and as an artist?
Jack D Elliot: Well, mostly we're songwriting partners. We do a ton of stuff together and we did the Reina/Lucas Prata duet together and we're trying to do a song for Claudja Barry because I know she's looking for some new stuff. I usually write with Janice. She comes down to Florida every two months and we try to write three or four songs together when she's here and knock them out in powerhouse sessions.

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