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Morgan Page Interview


Morgan Page Interview

Morgan Page

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JV: Every DJ I know keeps and eye and an ear out for their top label. What's yours?
Morgan Page: Plastic City is always at the top of my list. Get Physical is another favorite.

JV: I hear you have a large vinyl collection. Would you care to share your top 5?
Morgan Page: 1. Timewriter - Jigsaw Pieces - Plastic City
2. Terry Lee Brown Jr - Chocolate Chords - Plastic City
3. Swayzak - Snowboarding In Argentina - ?
4. Daft Punk - Homework - Virgin
5. Royskopp - The Understanding - Astralwerks

JV: If a record company came to you and asked you to remix any track, which one would you choose?
Morgan Page: Anything by Imogen Heap, Everything But The Girl, Sade, Weekend Players.

JV: How do you juggle between CDs and Vinyl?
Morgan Page: These days, after having a love/hate relationship with vinyl and CD-Js, I'm entirely digital w/ Ableton Live. There's no going back. Although at after hours events or friends' parties, I do like to play CD-Js. There is nothing like being able to remix on the fly with Ableton and layer songs in ways that other gear could only dream of. Honestly, I prepare only one or two days ahead. I like to use that energy and time pressure to really focus on the set.

JV: What is your favorite place to play at?
Morgan Page: Phoenix Landing in Cambridge Mass. Small space - best vibe. Although for big clubs, Club Q in Switzerland is my favorite.

JV: The one person you would tag team with would be ______________?
Morgan Page: The Timewriter.

JV: What are your thoughts on what the opening DJ's job is?
Morgan Page: It's cool, but if they play really fast stuff (135 BPM+) at 9pm, that is annoying.

JV: Who is your favorite DJ?
Morgan Page: Tough to say. Every DJ performs differently depending on the venue. Jason Bentley (KCRW) is one of my favorite radio DJs, but for club DJs it's too hard to pick just one.

JV: Where do you get your music from?
Morgan Page: Mainly through IM with fellow producers and friends, but I also buy a lot at Beatport and Stompy. WAV downloads are the way to go.

JV: Any words of wisdom for the younger DJ's?
Morgan Page: Put together sets that bring together different 'camps' and styles, rather than just focusing on one style. Make your records talk to each other. Don't be derivative and simply copy others. Start local.

JV: How do you handle your busy studio schedule?
Morgan Page: I just try to work quickly and get my ideas down fast. Beat, chord progression, bassline, melody. I brew up a pot of coffee at 11pm and go to town.

JV: Speaking of the studio, what do you use for software, etc?
Morgan Page: I use ProTools for everything, which is great, but Ableton Live is proving to be a great tool for pre-production and getting a capellas and other elements in time. Sound Toys plug-ins are incredible. I use those on every single remix.

JV: Any news you would like to share with your followers?
Morgan Page: Look out for tons of new remixes dropping this summer and fall, including remixes for BitterSweet, Jets Overhead, Leigh Nash, The Submarines, Stefy, and several others. Also: new original tracks will be soon be released on Plastic City and Shayan Music. All new tracks are posted in the jukebox at http://www. morgan-page.com, so make sure to check it out! I'd love to thank everyone that buys the records, reviews the records, books the nights, and supports! You know who you are :)

It's 6:30 in the morning EST and Morgan Page is busy at the console of his studio, a fresh cup of coffee in his hand while his other hand is busy on the controls. He has lived in a log cabin, worked with some of the bigger known names of the EDM scene, and all while remaining one humble guy. You can check out his work at his website www.nuancerecordings.com and www.myspace.com/morganpage.

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