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Robert Clivilles Interview (Part 2)


Robert Clivilles

Robert Clivilles

Lainie: Are you going to let anybody remix it?
Clivilles: I mean, if anybody did, I’d be open to it. But the industry’s really not having…

Lainie: You may have a line outside of your door now that you’ve said that.
Clivilles: Believe it or not, I wanted the record to be remixed, Universal didn’t want it to be remixed. They said if they haven’t had remixes in about a year, you know, so the industry’s really not open, the music has pretty much closed their doors to dance music on the upper level. I was very surprised to say oh, let’s do some dance music’s on this and they were like well, we don’t have any budgets. And I was like, what?

Lainie: So say if somebody came up to you and was like I want to do this on spec because I got to say that I touched a piece of your music?
Clivilles: I mean that’s never been a problem with me, no, never been a problem with me. I mean I’ve had a couple of people ask me and I’m like, sure, I’ve given the vocal to a couple of people. They’ve had a hard time remixing it though, which is, I don’t know why.

Lainie: They’re like oh, yes, I can remix this is in like three days….
Clivilles: Exactly.

Lainie: Then you get that call saying “Bro, I can’t touch this thing.”
Clivilles: Yea *laughs* You know, it’s pretty hard. But I don’t have no problem with anybody every remixing records, I’ve given acapellas to Junior Vasquez, I’ve given, I’ve given acapellas to a couple of people.

Lainie: Miss Junior *smile*
Clivilles: Yes, I’ve given them, you know, people have asked me for acapellas and I give it to them, I really have no problem seeing what they come up with. As a matter of fact, actually it’s cool for me because I want to see what somebody else comes up with, you know, what I do.

Lainie: Like, what did you do to my song, let me hear it?
Clivilles: No, it’s cool, I mean, that’s the way I started. I’d walk into the industry ripping people’s song. You know, when me and David did it, Shep was probably the only one that was doing that stuff, was ripping people’, yes, with his crew.

Lainie: Shep Pettitbone, classic! There are a lot of people, who claim, they’ve managed C&C Music Factory, they still manage C&C Music Factory, and there are tours that claim to have C&C Music Factory.
Clivilles: Absolutely. Isn’t that terrible?

Lainie: But C&C Music Factory was you and David. So, obviously David’s not here, how the hell are you letting them, in a day and age when the RIAA will bust you with, you know, a little sample from this interview for a song without permission and I’d be in court. *shrugs* How do you feel, I mean is it a flattery thing or a what the hell are you doing?
Clivilles: What bothers me, what bothers me about it is the quality of what they’re showing out there and saying they’re C&C Music Factory. Freedom Williams is performing on the C&C Music Factory and that’s part of the biggest insult in the world, because when we did the first album and sold six million records and all those panties and bras were being thrown in his face, he was cool with going solo. I remember me and David begging him to stay, look, we’ve just done something.

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