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Sasha - 2008 Interview - Sasha and Digweed 2008 Spring Tour


Sasha - 2008 Interview - Sasha and Digweed 2008 Spring Tour


RS: What is the music genre you're playing now, or what kind of style is this tour going to be?
Sasha: I don't know. Some of the sounds have definitely changed since the last time we were touring together. I think the electronic music scene in general has changed a hell of a lot in the last six years, since we toured together. Definitely even in the last couple of years, with the Berlin movement on everyone's sound, I think it's become more minimal. Though I still like to play records with melody and with warm sounds, and John still likes to play dark and dirty. I think that's why our music always compliments each other.

RS: When you two play out who goes on first, who goes on second?
Sasha: We take turns.

RS: Cool. Are you doing the laptop thing still? How's that working for you?
Sasha: Yes, I like it, I enjoy it. It feels like DJing to me now. It took me a while, but it definitely feels like DJing to me now. You have people argue until they're blue in the face, 'I used to be much better when I played vinyl,' and whatever. But music changes, people move on, you know? Things change, and right now I'm enjoying the music that I'm playing, and I'm using my laptop, and to me it feels like DJing.

RS: What is your setup? Are you using a Mac; what kind of controller?
Sasha: Yes, I use a Mac, and I built my own controller, to control Ableton.

RS: Very cool. So, tell us about Emfire.
Sasha: That's my new imprint. It's not really a full-blown label – it doesn't have an office or anything. It's just an imprint through which I'm putting out tracks of my own. We've got four releases out already, and we're actually releasing our first proper kind of physical CD for this tour. It's basically a remix package of the first four singles. We've got some amazing artists remixing my tracks – Radioslave, Matthew Dear's Audion and Slam have done mixes of all my tracks which are amazing. I'm really happy with all the results.

RS: The tracks are available exclusively through Beatport?
Sasha: Just the original tracks, yes. We'll be selling the CD on the tour. It's getting a proper release at some point during the tour, and then digital – it's going to be released around about that time, too.

RS: Is that the CD that's going to be coming out through Ultra?
Sasha: That's the one, yes, the physical release of Emfire.

RS: And that's going to be the tracks and the remixes? Is that like a mix CD or an artist album?
Sasha: No, it's just a remix EP of my first four singles that we've put out on Emfire. It's basically the four singles, edits of the original mixes of the four singles. There are eight remixes on there. Each artist we've chosen for remixes sent us two completely different mixes, so that's great. Everyone's done a club mix, and then a deeper mix. So that's eight mixes, and then we've also included a soundtrack I did for a Surf DVD. It won the best soundtrack at the X Dance Festival, so they wanted to put it on there. We got the license to put it on there. So even though it's ten pieces of music from the film, it's basically the score to the film, and it's one continuous piece of music, that's like forty-five minutes long. So there's quite a lot of music on there for a physical release. But it's not an album, just a an EP.

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