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Tiesto Interview


Tiesto Interview


Photo by Mona Schulze
Tiesto - one name means so much. A unique vision of trance music that has conquered the world. Topping the DJ list for three years, playing the opening ceremonies of the Olympic games, and selling out stadiums; Tiesto live is an amazing experience. At the Mansion in Miami, Tiësto rocked the crowd for a non-stop set that has already become the stuff of legend. Magnetic visuals, creative performance artists and a stunning vocal performance by Jes completed the scene for a magical evening. Trust me, I am not a trancehead by any stretch of the imagination, but the full experience has opened my eyes to why Tiësto has a loyal international following. Tiesto's new CD In Search of Sunrise 5: Los Angeles is a taste of the latest journey.

DJ Ron Slomowicz: I just finished talking to Junkie XL, so it seems like the Dutch producers and DJs are doing very well. Why do you think all you great Amsterdam producers and DJs are doing so well right now?
Tiesto: Well it's a good question. I think its because the Dutch people are very stiff in general when they go out, they're not like Latin Americans or Eastern Europe, so we need to put extra energy in the music to make them loosen up. That's the main reason why our music is so successful.

RS: In Search of Sunrise 5 is coming out and the first thing I noticed looking at the lineup is that there isn't a Tiesto track on it.
Tiesto: There is no Tiesto track on it because I haven't had time to produce any new tracks. I've been on the road for the last year and a half, so I haven't made any new music. I've finished a couple of tracks with BT but I thought it was too soon to put them on the album so I wanted to save them for the artist album.

RS: What was it like working with BT?
Tiesto: Working with BT is amazing. He's full of energy and the whole day he's running around. We produce music together and then he goes away to do a movie and an interview and he's just all over the place. It's great to work with a guy like that, very inspirational.

RS: Talking about touring, I hear you've got a big Asia tour coming up?
Tiesto: Yes. The kick-off was actually last week in Malaysia and I played in the Grand Prix party. It was amazing - twenty thousand Malaysians going crazy. After the Winter Music Conference I go back to Manila and then do the rest of Asia.

RS: Very cool. I also heard that you're going to be doing a US tour of smaller cities. Is that in the works?
Tiesto: Well, I wouldn't say smaller cities but I'm going to do a full US tour in the month of May. So from the 2nd to the 29th May I will be playing almost every night and I do a lot of big and small cities.

RS: So in thirty days you're doing thirty gigs. How do you keep yourself up for that, night after night?
Tiesto: It's a different state of mind and I love to do it, especially in the US because it's so nice to travel here. It's so convenient and to play every night it gets me in a different state of mind, I love it.

RS: Do you fly around or take a bus?
Tiesto: I fly around because it's easier. I like the bus idea, but most of the time you're on the highway so I prefer to fly to get there quicker.

RS: I heard you're living in LA now?
Tiesto: Yes, partly. I really live all over the world.

RS: So what inspired the partial move to Los Angeles?
Tiesto: Well I'd been there a couple of months and there's just amazing musicians over there, not only the famous ones but there's a lot of talent bubbling under. I met so many great vocalists and people to work with and inspiring people, LA is full of that. LA has a dark side too, everybody talks about the Hollywood scene but there's also a really creative scene of beautiful people. In LA, you can find whatever you want. It depends on your own personality, what you get out of LA, and that's why I love LA.

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